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dir. Jero Yun
South Korea 2020, 103’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Polish premiere
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Theatrical Screenings
Th 18 Nov, 15:00
St 20 Nov, 18:45
Kinoteka 3
Kinoteka 3
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17 Nov, 10:00 – 29 Nov
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Awards and festivals
World premiere: Busan International Film Festival Busan International Film Festival 2020 - Best Actress, NETPAC Award
South Korea 2020
Duration: 103’
director: Jero Yun
screenplay: Jéro Yun
cinematography: Lim Chang-wook
editing: Jéro Yun
cast: Lim Seong-mi, Baek Seo-bin
producer: Kim Min-kyoung
executive producer: Mo Sung-jin
production: Haegrimm Pictures
language: Korean
colouration: colour

Film description

After a few months, Jina has finished an adaptation course for refugees from North Korea and can finally start looking for her own place in the South Korean society. But the new reality is not easy, people are not friendly, and her job does not pay enough – Jina wants to bring her father to the South, too. She finds a part-time job as a cleaner in a gym where rich women are learning to box. She does not expect that sport can become her chance to fulfill her plans and a space to express the emotions she is hiding deep inside.

"Fighter" is not a typical sports film – there is no pompous music or spectacular, last-second wins. It is a powerful, realistic portrait of a woman fighting for her life – literally. The success of the film would not be possible without the touching role of Lim Sung-mi (known to all viewers of "Crash Landing On You"), awarded at the festival in Pusan. Jina is not immune to the hits, but she has enough strength and character to retaliate with even more power.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Jero Yun

Born in 1980 in Pusan, studied in Paris. He devoted his film career to the subject of North Koreans who cross the border with the South – especially the separation of families. Jero Yun writes the scripts for his feature films based on the knowledge gained while making documentaries.


2009 In the Dark

2012 Looking for North Koreans (dokument)

2016 Mrs.B., a North Korean Woman (dokument)

2016 Hitchhiker (film krótkometrażowy)

2018 Beautiful Days

2020 Song Hae 1927 (dokument)

2021 Wojowniczka / Payiteo / Fighter

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