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Archive - 8th Five Flavours Film Festival


Japan 2013, 100’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Hitoshi Matsumoto
screenplay: Hitoshi Matsumoto
cinematography: Kazushige Tanaka
editing: Yoshitaka Honda
music: Hidekazu
cast: Nao Omori, Mao Daichi, Shinobu Terajima, Eriko Sato, Ai Tominaga, Naomi Watanabe, Hairi Katagiri, YOU, Haruki Nishimura, Gin Maeda, Suzuki Matsuo, Atsuro Watabe, Lindsay Hayward
producer: Akihiko Okamoto
language: Japanese
colouration: colour

Film description

A plain shop assistant, raising his son alone while his wife is lying in a hospital in a state of coma, sings up to Bondage club, which offers unusual erotic services. The contract lasts one year and cannot be terminated earlier under any circumstances. Black humor and absurd plot twists are a pretext for a critique of the Japanese censorship system, and an Orwellian analysis of the mechanisms of power. The portrayal of the sadomasochistic practices, which bring the protagonist pleasure (or maybe just relief), is at the same time funny and disturbing. The film, made in a gloomy retro aesthetic, resembles a refined comic book, eludes classification into any generic category.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Hitoshi Matsumoto

Director, publicist, showman, member of the extremely popular cabaret duo Downtown, which became the turning point in the history of comedy shows in Japan. His full-length feature debut, "Big Man Japan" – a pastiche of superhero movies – premiered in Cannes. Matsumoto's subsequent movies were shown at festivals in Rotterdam, Berlin, Pusan, Toronto, and Locarno; a retrospective of his works was held at Cinémathèque Française.


2007 Big Man Japa
2009 Shinboru / Symbol

2010 Saya-zamurai / Scabbard Samurai
2013 R100

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