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Taiwan 2014, 93’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Chienn Hsiang
screenplay: Chienn Hsiang
cinematography: Hsu Fang-hao, Chienn Hsiang
editing: Terng Jaw-chyang
music: Summer Lei
cast: Chen Shiang-chyi, Easton Dong, Pai Ming-hua, Tung Ming-hsiang, Yau On-shun, Huang Tsai-yi, Wen Chen-ling
producer: Chen Pao-ying
language: Mandarin
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Taipei FF – najlepszy film / Best Film, najlepsza aktorka / Best Actress (Chen Shiang-chyi)

Film description

Chen Shing-chyi, a character from Tsai Ming-liang's films rather than an actress, in Chienn Hsiang's work plays a 45-year old seamstress from Kaohsiung trying to revive her fading femininity. Everything goes wrong in Ling's life – she suffers from symptoms of premature menopause and lack of dialogue with her adolescent daughter. The door lock breaks down, the husband on a job in Shanghai remains silent, and the sewing machine stops working. As she visits her mother-in-law in a hospital, Ling observes a man recovering from an eye surgery. She starts to look after him secretly, to tend and touch him, finding something more than just relief in the contact with another body.

Agnieszka Szeffel

Chienn Hsiang

Cinematographer, highly valued in the Taiwanese film circles. He worked with Chen Yu-hsun ("Zone Pro Site"), Chang Ai-chia ("20 30 40"), and Yee Chin-yen ("Blue Gate Crossing") among others. His TV film "Ranger" was nominated for Taipei Awards and received Special Jury Remi Award at WorldFest – Houston IFF. In 2012 Hsiang shot a short feature "The Monad."


2011 Ranger (tv)
2012 The Monad (kr. m.)
2013 Drzwi / Exit

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