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Quick Change

Philippines 2013, 82’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Eduardo Roy Jr.
screenplay: Eduardo Roy Jr.
cinematography: Dan Villegas
editing: Fiona Borres
music: Teresa Barrozo
cast: Mimi Juareza, Jun-Jun Quitana, Miggs Cuaderno, Natashia Yumi
producer: Ferdinand Lapuz
language: Tagalog
colouration: colour

awards and festivals

Cinemalaya Independent FF – nagroda Balanghai za najlepszy dźwięk / Balanghay Award for Best Sound, scenariusz / Best Script, rolę pierwszoplanową / Actor in a Leading Role, nagroda specjalna Jury / Special Jury Award; Vesoul Asian FF – nagroda Jury krytyków / Jury Award

Film description

An Almodóvar-esque story about a beautician who performs illegal cosmetic treatment on the Philippine drag queens and transwomen. In the colorful world of beauty pageants where being pretty is not just an aesthetic ideal but also a very real way of earning a living along with social respect, a perfect face is worth any price. This vivid, yet touching story combines a criminal plot with insightful social observations. The tragicomic picture of the glittering world of transsexual women is also an apt comment on the absurdities of contemporary global culture and its obsessive interest in appearance.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Eduardo Roy Jr.

Graduate of New Era University, Quezon City and Philippine School of Interior Design. He worked as interior designer, simultaneously writing soap opera scripts and directing. His first short feature, "Ulirat," received the award for best short film of 2002 in the Film Academy of the Philippines competition. "Baby Factory" is Roy's full-length feature debut.


2002 Ulirat (kr.m.)
Ang pinakamahabang one night stand (kr.m.)
2011 Fabryka dzieci / Bahay Bata / Baby Factory
2013 Metamorfoza / Quick Change

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