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Papaya Films & Five Flavours: The World of Asian Advertising

15 Nov 2019, Muranów B

About the event

What's so special about Asian commercials, which have been loved so much by the festival audience? A unique set of advertising clips (by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, among others) with comments from industry experts.

Wojciech Szwagrzyk (OneProduction)

A partner and co-founder in ONE Production. Has been working in advertising for more than 10 years, besides was gaining experience working on feature films. He produced over hundred TV commercials working for biggest production houses and advertising agencies in Poland, Czech Republic and UK. 

Since 2017 a co-founder of ONE Production Asia a full service production company based in Bangkok. ONE Production Asia is a 1st Polish production company established in South East Asia.

Piotr Onopa (Match&Spark)

Producer, content creator, commercial and music video director with an unique aesthetic and humor. Experienced in directing numerous music videos and playing drums, he gives his works a distinctive rhythm. He pays great attention to detail and fills the set with good vibes, an aspect he considers essential in creating a great end product. These assets have been highly valued by brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Durex, Absolut, Samsung, Virgin Mobile and Citi Bank. He's known for his instinctive methods in working with actors, meticulous music choices, vivid colors and simple set designs.

His video for Dawid Podsiadlo's "W dobrą stronę" was awarded for Best Music Video at the 2016 Fryderyk Music Awards and 30 million views on YouTube confirm its success. His commercial "Netiokracja" won the Gold KTR Award 2018. 

Kacper Dembek (Papaya Films)

Content creator in Papaya Films. An enthusiast of Asian culture and travelling to Far East. 


Zdzisław Furgał

Papaya Rocks editorial secretary.

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