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Mr Long

Ryu san
dir. SABU
Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan 2017, 129’
Polish premiere
Awards and festivals
International Film Festival Berlin 2017
Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan 2017
Duration: 129’
director: SABU
screenplay: Hiroyuki Tanaka (Sabu)
cinematography: Koichi Furuya
editing: Georg Petzold
music: Junichi Matsumoto
cast: Chen Chang, Sho Aoyagi, Yi Ti Yao
producer: Stephan Holl, Shozo Ichiyama, Koki Kageyama, Jacky Pang, Yoichi Shimizu
production: LDH Pictures
language: Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese
colouration: colour

Film description

A Taiwanese killer, cold like steel and efficient as a panther, goes to Japan to do a job. However, something goes wrong and badly wounded Long has to hide in a random ruined building. There he gets found by Jun, a little boy who unexpectedly becomes a link between the silent gangster and the unsuspecting local community. The child, despite being just a few years old, also carries a burden of difficult experiences: perhaps Long will be able to repay for the help he received?

A true emotional rollercoaster, this astonishing mixture of action film, family drama and culinary movie is a tour de force of the director highly appreciated for his style. SABU does not hesitate to match brutal fight scenes with deeply moving tenderness and elements of slapstick humour – and the effect is irresistible. The skilfully told story is lined with reflection on intercultural relations between Japan and its Asian neighbours, in which the best sign of friendly emotions turns out to be the food prepared with devotion and ceremony. Thanks to brilliantly composed frames and dynamic editing this perverse story about taming a predator will stay in your memory for long.

Jagoda Murczyńska


Born in 1964 as Hiroyuki Tanaka. A screenwriter, self-taught director and actor keen on impersonating dark characters (e.g. "Ichi the Killer"). He won recognition for his action comedies about yakuza awarded at international festivals and his ability to combine absurd humour with melancholy (e.g. FIPRESCI award at Berlinale 2000 for "Monday", NETPAC at Berlinale 2003 for "Blessing Bell", Jury Award at Fantasta Film Festiwal  for "Driver").

Selected filmography:

1996 D.A.N.G.A.N Runner / Dangan ranna
1997 Posutoman burusu / Postman Blues
1998 Anrakkī monkī / Unlucky Monkey
2003 Kōfuku no kane / Blessing Bell
2005 Hōrudo appu daun / Hold Up Down
2011 Usagi doroppu / Bunny Drop
2013 Miss Zombie
2016 Podróż Chasuke / Ten no Chasuke / Chasuke Journey
2017 Pan Long / Ryu san / Mr Long

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