Pięć Smaków w Domu


dir. Goh Ming-siu, Scott Chong Hillyard
Singapore 2019, 96’
European premiere
Awards and festivals
Cinequest San Jose Film Festival 2019
Singapore 2019
Duration: 96’
director: Goh Ming-siu, Scott Chong Hillyard
screenplay: Goh Ming Siu, Scott Chong Hillyard
cinematography: Chow Woon Seong
editing: Gregory Tay
music: Teo Wei Young
cast: Gerald Chew, Amy Cheng, Sivakumar Palakrishnan, Rachel Wan
producer: Goh Ming Siu, Scott Chong Hillyard
executive producer: Tay Kok Leng, Soo Ye Wah, Goh Sok Hwa
production: Monkey and Boar
language: English
colouration: colour

Film description

A great family. A shiny car. A beautiful two-storey apartment with a housekeeper in charge. Jim has everything, life is a real success. Now, however, he may lose it all, as he unexpectedly gets dismissed from his well-paid corporate position.

His pride prevents him from telling his wife and daughter about his defeat, so he just pretends that nothing has happened. But the true cannot be hidden forever; Internet speculations and driving people around the city is not enough to fill the growing overdraft on the bank account. Jim is gradually losing control of reality, and old, terrifying demons speak again in his head. The safe familiar space among the streets and glass skyscrapers turns into a cold, hostile labyrinth – every day more and more difficult to escape from. "Repossession" is an extremely evocative urban story about the horror of expectations and the pressure of success.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Goh Ming-siu

A graduate of Northwestern Universityʼs School of Communications in Illinois, a director and television screenwriter working in Singapore, the author of over 100 episodes of TV series. "Repossession" is his feature-length debut.

Selected filmography:

1986 Crimewatch (serial TV)
2004 Pictures on the Wall (kr. m.)
2013 Take me on (serial TV)
2015 2025 (serial TV)
2019 Zatracenie / Repossesion

Scott Chong Hillyard

He graduated from Nanyang Polytechnicʼs School of Business Management in Singapore. An actor performing on stage, in TV series, music shows and movies since the age of nine. The co-director and producer of "Repossession".


2019 Zatracenie / Repossesion 

Festival guests

Goh Ming-siu


Scott Chong Hillyard

director, producer

Gerald Chew


An experienced actor with many theatrical roles to his credit, also known for his numerous TV series and films (he played, among others, in Boo Jonfeng's "Apprentice"). He also worked as a theatre director and screenwriter. 

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