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Hollywood Hong Kong

Heung gong yau gok hor lei wood
dir. Fruit Chan
Hong Kong, Japan, UK, France 2001, 102’
35mm print screening
Awards and festivals
Venice Film Festival - Golden Lion (nomination) Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards - Best Screenplay
Hong Kong, Japan, UK, France 2001
Duration: 102’
director: Fruit Chan
screenplay: Lam Kee-To
cinematography: O Sing-Pui
editing: Fruit Chan
music: Carlton Chu Hing Cheung, Lam Wah-Chuen
cast: Zhou Xun, Glen Chin
producer: Sylvain Bursztejn, Kei Haruna, Kumi Kobata
production: Nicetop Independent Ltd.
language: Cantonese
colouration: colour

Film description

After the realistic "Durian Durian," Fruit Chan did not let himself be tagged and came back with a film styled as a fairy-tale for adult audience. Chu, a butcher, and his two sons, Ming and Tiny, have postures of sumo wrestlers. They dwell in a seedy village in the shadow of skyscrapers forming a rich commercial and residential complex Plaza Hollywood. They sell the best pork in the vicinity. It is them who attract the attention of a mysterious, seductive prostitute from China. But what are the intentions of the girl, who constantly changes names, and how will they affect the life of the small community?

Infused with erotic tension and black humour on the verge of macabre, shot in high contrast and strong colours, "Hollywood Hong Kong" is a commentary on the injurious effect which China has exerted on Hong Kong. Fruit Chan shot his film in Tai Hom when the village was being demolished and recorded its last moments. Like "Durian Durian", the film was presented in the competition section of the Venice Film Festival.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Fruit Chan

Born in 1969 in China, from where his family emigrated to Hong Kong. A director, producer, actor and screenwriter, representing what is known as the Second New Wave of independent Hong Kong cinematography. Appreciated for films immersed in urban climate, for which he often engaged non-professional actors to show in a close-up the life of modern metropolis. Interested in social issues and fascinated with the Japanese 1960s avantgarde, for instance the works of Nagisa Oshima.

Selected filmography:

1991 Wu ge ji mo de xin / Five Lonely Hearts

1997 Made in Hong Kong / Xiang Gang zhi zao

1998 Najdłuższe lato / Hui nin yin fa dak bit doh / The Longest Summer

1999 Mały Cheung / Xilu xiang / Little Cheung

2000 Durian durian / Làuh Lìn Pìu Pìu / Durian Durian

2001 Hollywood Hongkong / Heung Gong you ge He Li Huo / Hollywood Hong Kong

2004 Pierożki / Jiao zi / Dumplings

2009 Chengdu, wo ai ni / Chengdu, I Love You

2015 My City

2016 Mou sha si shui nian hua / Kill Time

2018 Trzej mężowie / Sam fu / Three husbands

Festival guests

Fruit Chan


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