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Archive - 5th Five Flavours Film Festival

Blake Night

South Korea 2010, 116’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Yoon Sung-Hyun
screenplay: Yoon Sung-Hyun
cinematography: Byun Bong-Sun
editing: Yoon Sung-Hyun
music: Park Min-June
cast: Lee Je-Hoon, Seo Jun-Young, Park Jung-Min, Bae Je-Kee, Lee Cho-Hee
producer: Yoon Sung-Hyun, Byun Bong-Sun
production: CJ Entertainment
language: korean
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

MFF w Busan 2010 - New Currents Award MFF w Hongkongu 2011 – nagroda FIPRESCI

Film description

Yoon Sung-Hyun


2010 Posępna noc / Pasuggun / Bleak Night
2009 Drink and Confess (kr.m.)
2008 Boys (kr.m.)
2003 Love (kr.m.)
2003 Children (kr.m.)

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