Archive - 5th Five Flavours Film Festival

Water Hands

Singapour, Serbia, Montenegro 2011, 93’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Vladimir Todorovic
screenplay: Vladimir Todorovic
cinematography: Vladimir Todorovic
editing: Vladimir Todorovic
cast: Sara Yang, Lam Fung, Marko Skoric, Tatjana Todorovic, Goran Andrejin, Nadja Todorovic
producer: Vladimir Todorovic
production: tadar studios
colouration: colour

Film description

Vladimir Todorovic


2011 Żeglarz / Water Hands
2010 Silica-esc (kr.m.)
2009 The Snail on the Slope (kr.m.)
2001 Talking from the Barrel (kr.m.)
1999 About Face (kr.m.)

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