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Queer Friday: debate and "Number One" director at the studio!

26 November 2021

Taiwanese Queer Cinema is one of the most popular sections of the Festival, but this is not the only place with LGBTIQ+ themes. Friday is the day of the debate on how cinema can help change the reality and showcase the variety of people’s identities.

In the Festival studio, we talk about what surprised and moved us during the queer section selection. We wonder what has changed in Taiwan since 2006, the premiere of "Eternal Summer," and 2021, with the colorful "As We Like It" hitting the screens. We also look at other countries – the LGBTIQ+ cinema regularly appears in the Five Flavours program, not only in its own special sections. This year, one of the examples is "Number One," which has already become one of our audience's favorites.

The guest of the studio is the film director, Ong Kuo Sin from Singapore. "Number One" is a comedy drama about a wealthy man of the family who, after an unexpected layoff, has to pay off his mortgages by becoming a manager of a drag queen club. This warm, humorous film is filled with spot-on observations of the conservative society which is still forging within itself a space for non-normativity.

Debate: Daniel from Kurówko, Alifu from Taitung: tradition, localism, LGBTIQ+

Fri, Nov 26, 18:00 online

The Taiwanese society is regarded as one of the most progressive in Asia, but the road to today's state of affairs has been bumpy. Traditional values, the extremely important social function of the conservative family model and intergenerational ties, strong local communities attached to customs that have been handed down for a century – this is still the everyday reality of Taiwan. Cinema and pop culture are regarded as factors that have supported the LGBTIQ+ community's quest for equal rights. How was it possible? Which narrations and ways of storytelling help build bridges between groups with exclusionary views? Does Wang Yu-lin's "Alifu" have anything in common with Łukasz Ronduda's "Fears"?

The debate will be moderated by Zuzanna Kowalczyk from "Pismo. Magazyn opinii" magazine.
Guests: Maja Heban (editor, activist), Daniel Rycharski (artist), Danuta Uryga (mother, activist).

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