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"Spring Tide" is the Grand Prix winner of the 15th AFF Five Flavours!

24 November 2021
"Spring Tide" dir. Yang Lina, China 2019

The Grand Prix in the New Asian Cinema competition went to "Spring Tide" directed by Lina Yang. An honourable mention went to "Anatomy of Time" by Jakrawal Nilthamrong.

The International People's Jury was composed of: Alberto Calabrese (Italy), Sara Carotenuto (Italy), Giulia Diplotti (Italy), Dominika Konopielko (Poland), Marlene Langbein (Netherlands), Jenni Leppihuhta (Finland), Aleksander Mlynski (Poland), Kinga Molinska (Poland), Han Nguyen (Netherlands), Jack Underwood (Netherlands), Jakub Wanat (Poland), Liisa Wang (Finland).

The People's Jury is a group of passionate enthusiasts of Asian cinema and cultures, selected from entries submitted from four European countries: Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy. The twelve jury members came to Warsaw to participate in workshops and heated discussions about festival movies. The project is implemented by the Five Flavours Asian Film Festival in cooperation with its partner festivals: Udine Far East Film Festival, CAMERA JAPAN Festival and Helsinki Cine Aasia.

Grand Prix
Spring Tide

Chun Chao
by Yang Lina
China 2019

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The International People's Jury 2021 has selected "Spring Tide" as the winner of this year's New Asian Cinema section. "Spring Tide" is a universal depiction of generational trauma shown from a female perspective that subtly highlights the unhealthy dynamics of family relationships. With her strong directorial vision, the filmmaker combines dreamlike elements with a look at China's past, present and future, which elevates the traditional genre of moral drama to a higher level. The authenticity of 'Spring Tide' can prove to be a soothing and uplifting experience for everyone.

Special Mention
Anatomy of Time


by Jakrawal Nilthamrong
Thailand, France, The Netherlands, Singapore 2021

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The International People's Jury 2021 has awarded an honorable mention to the film "Anatomy of Time". "Anatomy of Time" appears as a vivid picture of the nature of time, as a narrative that confronts the theme of the cycle of life and death, and as a story that captures the essence of human memories.

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