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Asian Film New Year’s Eve online – Four days of New Year’s cinema and amazing music!

31 December 2020

The Five Flavours team invites you for a New Year's toast - we will share our 2020 emotions and start planning for 2021. Join us and the best Asian cinema!  

Great classics, a crazy ride with the independent cinema of Japan and Malaysia, sequins, ramen, 1980s j-rock, melancholic Cantonese ballads from the jazz clubs of Hong Kong, and beautiful seaside views for the best beginning of January. This will be a great way to start off 2021!

We wish you many wonderful New Year discoveries, daring plans, and the joy of turning them into reality. May the year 2021 be filled with journeys – the actual and the metaphorical ones – and be an opportunity to overcome obstacles and share all the most beautiful things with others!

How to watch?

The six films of the New Year’s program are avaialble to watch from Thursday, December 31, 4 p.m., till Sunday, January 3, 11:59 p.m. All you need to do is buy a pass for the whole program for 100 PLN or a single film access for 26 PLN and click “play.” The passes and single film accesses will be available throughout the whole event.

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We invite you to talk about the films and share your impressions in our group Pięć Smaków - kino Azji. If you have any questions or technical issues, check out the FAQ page or contact us via Facebook or info@piecsmakow.pl.

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New Year’s Eve playlists

Four music compilations of our partner festival Radio Asia include unique, energetic party rhythms for the New Year’s Eve and soothing sounds for the first January mornings. The Radio Asia Spotify is filled with 1960s and 70s dance music from Indonesia and Japan, alternative hip hop pieces from India, Korea and Vietnam, sweet, memorable guitar songs, and psychedelic, hypnotic compositions which, in themselves, are a true journey through the remote corners of Asia. Each playlist is comprised of over four hours of meticulously selected music, surprising genre fusions and unexpected motifs, reminding us of how much fascinating music is yet to be discovered!

Radio Azja Retro Sounds are songs from the 1960s and 70s Japan, Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam. Dance rhythms with elements of psychedelic rock, old, sweet melodies and their surprising modern interpretations.

Radio Azja Hip-hop Beats presents a selection of alternative and mainstream artists of the hip hop scene in India, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and Malaysia. It combines over sixty songs – unexpected mixtures of hip hop rhythms with jazz, funk and local musical vibes.

Radio Azja Soothing Sounds is the perfect choice for a quiet evening or a lazy morning. Soothing sounds and melodic songs performed by a selection of alternative artists from India, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Nepal.

Radio Azja Deep Trip is designed for those who love ambient, minimalism, long sounds, looped motifs and experimental music. Among the artist featured are the unforgettable guests of Radio Asia festival – Midori Takada, Hiromichi Sakamoto, Asuna, Masayoshi Fujita, and Senyawa.

Podcast: Asian interpretations of popular film genres

A discussion of the titles presented in the program can be a great addition to the film experiences. Asian cinemas are famous for their brilliance in juggling different styles, creating original collages of forms, and their own unique, characteristic genres. Asian New Year’s Eve includes titles which have bravely reinterpreted old schemes and shed new light on comedies, westerns, and zombie thrillers. The new episode of the Festival podcast is an opportunity to explore genre solutions chosen by the filmmakers and to learn about some interesting aspects of the history of replanting the genre into Asian cinema.

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