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14th Five Flavours Film Festival begins today!

25 November 2020

The next 12 days will mark the great celebration of Asian cinemas. From bold to reflexive, from astonishing to thrilling – over 50 amazing films are waiting to be seen!

Once again, Five Flavours discovers the riches of Asian cinemas – we show productions bravely braking conventions, talk about conscious tourism and political dilemmas, and watch the amazing stories of seemingly unremarkable protagonists with our eyes wide open. We stroll among the lights of Tokyo and the snowy North China, and discover the music of Indian slums and the problems faced by Korean cops. New technologies lead us to the world of sharp crime stories and the traditional pansori opera.

Sections of the14th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival

Accessing  the films

The films can be watched at the Five Flavours website – all you need to do is log in to you account and choose a title from the festival program. Festival Pass holders can watch the films straight away. Viewers buying Single Film Accesses can add the film to the cart and watch it immediately after making the payment. We remind you that due to licensing limitations, some of the films will only be available on certain days – the films with time limitations are clearly marked on their sites with an hourglass symbol.


How to watch the Asian VR section

Meetings with filmmakers and live talks

On the first day, we invite you to a live festival inauguration – we will welcome you at 10 a.m. on the Festival website and our Facebook page. In the evening, at 7 p.m., we will meet at the first Five Flavours red carpet. On the opening night, we will meet online with Joko Anwar, one of the most interesting Indonesian auteurs. The Festival atmosphere will be provided by a special Korean DJ set prepared by Paweł Klimczak under the auspices of PopTown magazine.

The live meetings will take place every day at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Each morning, the selectioners will be making new recommendations and setting thematic program paths. In the evening, we will be talking to our guests from Asia! During the meetings, we invite you to ask questions and share your Festival experiences with us.

All films will be preceded by the selectioners' introductions. Some will be accompanied by meetings with filmmakers, talking about cultural contexts and the production of the film.

We also invite you to share your Festival experiences in the Facebook group Pięć Smaków – Kino Azji

Your Home in Five Flavours

On the Five Flavours website and in our social media, you can find lots of ideas on how to create a real Asian celebration in your own homes. Look for the instructions on how to make an origami rat, recipes for simple Asian snacks and a special Festival drink, and advice on how to stretch in-between the screenings.

We also invite you to watch and listen to videos and podcasts about this year's Five Flavours, which you can find on the main festival website – it is a great way to broaden the context of the films you watch. On Sunday, November 29, at 4 p.m., we will host a debate "Socially Sensitive Cinema. Who is the Parasite in Capitalism?" accompanying the Parasites section.

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