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Who's worth believing? A brilliant Korean debut in cinemas from July 31st

13 July 2020

Amazing visual sensitivity and a jazzy sense of rhythm: director Yi Ok-seop has been hailed as the hope of independent Korean cinema, and her colourful debut film "Maggie" will hit Polish screens in the middle of summer. 

"Maggie" in cinemas all over Poland from July 31st.

"Maggie" is a story revolving around a young nurse and her boyfriend, as they are looking for answers to key questions in life in an absurd reality. The director captures the challenges of today's world with lightness, combining black humour with melancholy contained in charming shots. In her world, a flamingo-coloured light shines in the operating room and huge craters appear in the streets of Seoul for an unspecified reason. But more important than the holes in the sidewalks are the gaps in human relations: can the power of trust fix them?

The success of "Parasite" recently confirmed the excellent condition of South Korean cinema. "Maggie" proves that young generation of filmmakers can also perfectly combine social sensitivity with unconventional scripts and brilliant visual form, portraying the reality of Korean millenials in a surprising way.

The film will be released in cinemas all over Poland from July 31st.

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