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"The Taste of Pho" in cinemas from 3 July

03 July 2020

A charming story about a father raising his daughter on his own will be shown on Polish screens from today!

The premiere of "The Taste of Pho" had to be postponed due to the temporary closure of cinemas, but the holiday season is a perfect time to return to this warm, intimate film. It is an exceptional production, directed by Mariko Bobrik, a Japanese graduate of the Film School in Łódź. 

The story takes place in the environment of Warsaw's Vietnamese - it is one of very few films showing the real, everyday life of a community that has been part of Polish society for decades. However, Bobrik focuses primarily on the story of of familial emotions, bonding and solving the dilemmas faced by every parent of a child who inevitably enters adolescence. The director builds her narrative from tiny gestures, flavours and smells, meaningful images that tell more than words about the relationship between the characters. 

The "Taste of Pho" will be shown in cinemas all over Poland - the list can be found in the regularly updated section about the film. We would like to remind you to take the necessary precautions - only 50% of seats is available, and audience is requested to cover their mouths and nose and adjust to the sanitary requirements of individual venues. We hope these minor inconveniences will not interfere with the pleasure of watching the film on the big screen!

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