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20 September 2018

Radio Asia Festival line-up announced!

Midori Hirano

Contemplative, minimalist compositions, combining the sounds of acoustic instruments with subtle electronics, Sri Lankan ritual dances with modern, avant-garde compositions in the background, explosively melodic jazz from Korea and homey Japanese melodies, a processed set of field recordings and a high-octane evening dance party with Indian bhangra – this, in short, is this year’s program of Radio Asia.

The Festival is held on December 6-9, with concerts taking place in TR Warszawa and Pogłos music club. Each day of the Festival brings the performances of two different artist.

The first festival evening is an intimate encounter with Midori Hirano, whose compositions are based on the combination of acoustic instruments, such as the piano, the strings, or the guitar, an experimental mixture of contemporary, digital sounds, and subtly processed field recordings. The Japanese vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita, and the guru of German electronic music, Jan Jelinek, present low, ambient tones in an experimental, yet minimalist spirit – a juxtaposition of electronic textures and deep, detailed, subtle instrumental improvisations.

On Friday, we invite you for an Indian bhangra dance party. The stage of Pogłos club will host the five members of RSVP Bhangra, which combines traditional folk music from Punjab with Western rock chic, creating a high-energy dance mix. The evening will end with Indian Man – a DJ serving urban bhangra in a new, yet traditional style, with a garage and hip hop touch. Prepare for interactive vibrations, and a journey into the world of Big Bhangra Beats!

Performing on Saturday in TR are Tenniscoat – an avant-pop duo, combining folk, gentle psychedelics, and oneiric indie, a band cult among Japanese hipsters. The evening ends with a concert of the charismatic leader of UhUhBoo Projects, already known to the Polish audiences. Hyunjin Bek will perform with his new band, Kimoki Saturn Ballads.

The last day of the festival brings a combinations of dancing, singing, and instrumental music in a performance by Baliphonics, inspired by traditional and contemporary music accompanying dance rituals from Bali and Sri Lanka. And for the final performance – the only concert by a non-Asian artist. King Gong, a French experimenter and a veteran of field-recording, creating Asian trans filled with electronics, presents parts of his vast archive. They are a starting point for his own, emotionally loaded digital experiments and sound compositions.

Just like last year, the concerts are accompanied by Radio Asia Academy, which includes meetings with the artists, workshops, and lectures.

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From today you can buy a Radio Asia pass, which entitles you to enter all concert events. The price of the pass is 170 PLN. Tickets for individual days will be available from October 22 and cost 60 PLN. A ticket for a given day entitles you to take part in two concerts. One-day tickets will be available at  radioazja.plGoingEmpik Bilety, as well as in the Empik chain stores and TR Warszawa.

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