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As We Like It

Jie da huan xi
dir. Chen Hung-i, Wei Muni
Taiwan 2021, 107’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Polish premiere
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17 Nov, 10:00 – 29 Nov
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Awards and festivals
World premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam
Taiwan 2021
Duration: 107’
director: Chen Hung-i, Wei Muni
screenplay: Chen Hung-i, Muni Wei, Sung Kuo Chen
cinematography: Yu Jing Ping
editing: Chen Hung-i, Ian Lin, Lai Yung-hsuan
music: George Chen, Annie Lo
cast: Aggie Hsieh, Puff Kuo, Jo'elle Lu, Camille Chalons
producer: Chen Hung-i, Fu-Fu Hsu
executive producer: Gene Yao, Muni Wei
production: Red Society Films, CMC Entertainment Holding Corporation, Swallow Wings Films Co., Ltd, ZYM International Co. Ltd
language: Minnan, Mandarin
colouration: colour

Film description

A fairy-tale, futuristic variation of the Shakespearean drama, set in an idyllic land. Two protagonists are staying in a special, closed-off district of Taipei, in which the WiFi is gone, and so are the confines of sexes. Rosalind is looking for her father and, with the help of her cousin Celia, wants to bring him back to the family and stop her scheming uncle from taking over the family business. But during the search, she meets Orlando, who will not let her leave the magical place too soon.

The candy-sweet, gloriously colorful convention combines the inspiration with Japanese romantic manga and the avant-garde eclectic fashion with the melodramatic traditions of the Taiwanese Opera and video game- style ornaments, creating a collage of fantastic images, testing the limits of our imagination. The directors decided to only cast women in the film – in opposition to the Elizabethan traditions of all-male theater, but also as a nod to little-known traditions of female theaters in Asia, such as the Japanese Takarazuka. They aimed to create a perfect world that would be completely free – just like their aesthetic choices, extremely far-reaching, and dazzling with the richness of detail.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Chen Hung-i

A graduate of the National Taiwan University, Department of Philosophy. The commercials and music videos he directed have won several prizes and his feature films – including his debut "Candy Rain" (2008) – have also been awarded multiple times. For "Honey Pupu" (2011), he received an award for Best Director at the Taipei Film Festival. "The Last Painting" (2017) premiered at IFFR, winning Best Film at Granada. His latest feature is "As We Like It" (2021), selected in the Big Screen Competition at IFFR.


2008 Hua chi le na nv hai / Candy Rain

2011 Xiao shi da kan / Honey Pupu

2014 Design 7 Love

2017 Hua Hsian / The Last Painting

2019 Xia yi ren: Qian ren / Always Miss You

2021 Jak nam się podoba / Jie da huan xi / As We Like It (współreżyseria)

Wei Muni

A theatre director, producer and filmmaker. She is the founder and director of Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group, which owes its name to the fictional character in Virginia Woolf's novel "A Room of One's Own". As a producer, she has frequently worked with Chen Hung-i. "As We Like It" (2021) is her film debut, directed together with Chen.


2021 Jak nam się podoba / Jie da huan xi / As We Like It (współreżyseria)

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