Pięć Smaków w Domu

Taiwanese Queer Cinema

Queer cinema: many aesthetics, human stories, and emotions. At Five Flavours, we often demonstrate that cinema has the power to change reality by showcasing the stories of unique protagonists and different points of view. This time, we take a look at stories from Taiwan, whose society is believed to be one of the most progressive in Asia.

dir. Wang Yu-lin / Taiwan 2017,96’
dir. Chen Hung-i, Wei Muni / Taiwan 2021,107’
dir. Lily Ni / Taiwan 2021,105’
dir. Cheng Yu-chieh / Taiwan 2020,106’
dir. Leste Chen / Taiwan 2006,96’
dir. Zero Chou / Taiwan 2007,97’
dir. Chen Ming-lang / Taiwan 2019,91’

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