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Sell Out!

dir. Yeo Joon Han
Malaysia 2008, 111’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Awards and festivals
Venice Film Festival 2008 - Young Cinema Award for Alternative Vision Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2008 - NETPAC Award Italian Critics Poll, Cineforum 2008 - Best Film of the Venice Critics Week Barcelona Asian Film Festival - Special Mention
Malaysia 2008
Duration: 111’
director: Yeo Joon Han
screenplay: Yeo Joon Han
cinematography: Eric Yeong
editing: Yeo Joon Han
music: Yeo Joon Han, Bruno Brugnano
cast: Peter Davis, Jerrica Lai, Kee Thuan-chye, Lim Teik-long
producer: Yeo Joon Han
language: Malay, English
colouration: colour

Film description

Just as the ratings of Rafflesii Pong’s cultural show are on their last legs, its guest, an avant-garde poet, decides to kick the bucket in front of the cameras. The sensation-craved corporate media are ecstatic, which the cunning reporter uses to her advantage. But her success philosophy seems to be completelyforeign to Eric – an idealist inventor who sneaks through the same corridors, and is completely incapable of promoting his life-changing products.

How to find your footing in a dog-eat-dog world of sales? And why does money only cling to the rich? This unique corporate musical is an intelligent, provocative satire about the modern reality, the economic elites andmass culture. Ironically, this absolutely cult Malaysian mixture of dynamic script, original protagonists andabsurd-ridden reality, was kept in the cinematic freezer for years due to corporate scuffles. In 2020, it comesback with a bang without losing any of its topicality. The dialogues, sharper than the edges of annual reports, will dazzle not only glass skyscrapers regulars.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Yeo Joon Han

Born 1969, worked for many years as a lawyer and advertising copywriter before becoming a filmmaker. He has made a wide range of films, from personal films to horrors. He wrote, produced and directed the only Malaysian films to have won awards at the Venice Film Festival: the Special Mention for his first short film, "Adults Only" (2006), and the Altre Visioni Award for his first feature film, "Sell Out!". Both have aired at numerous international film festivals and won other awards. He is currently waiting to resume production on "First Person Singular"  – a sequel of sorts to "Sell Out!".


2006 Adults Only (kr. m.)

2006 Girl in a Soap Bubble

2008 Sell Out!

2011 Kampong Radioaktif - Orang Minyak/Survival Guide for Radioactive Village (kr. m.)

2014 In the Dark2015 Bedside Manners (kr. m.)

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