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Rain Fruits

dir. Song Youngyoon, Lee Sngmoo
South Korea 2020, 14’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Polish premiere
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25 Nov, 10:00 – 6 Dec
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Awards and festivals
Tribeca FF; Cannes XR; Kaohsiung FF
South Korea 2020
Duration: 14’
director: Song Youngyoon, Lee Sngmoo
screenplay: Lee Sngmoo, Thura Maung (original story)
cinematography: Kim Jinhyeong
music: Kim Soojin, Son Jiwon
cast: Toe Thet Paing, Na Howon, Ha Dabit, Oh Junghwan, Kim Seongtae, Shin Donggeun
producer: Lee Sngmoo
production: K’ARTS/Birdhand
colouration: colour

Film description

A creational documentary based on the personal diaries of Thura, an immigrant engineer from Mjanma, searching for a job fit for his qualifications in Korea.
As a marginalized, alienated observer, Thura describes the dark reality ruled by capital, xenophobia, and social inequality. The poetic tone of his diary is mixed with a realistic description of the hypercapitalist world.

The vast, slightly oneiric aesthetic of the experience recorded volumetrically as
a point cloud, allows the narration to slowly jump between the poor, yet very calm childhood, and the current, fear-ridden reality. "Rain Fruits" is a perfect addition to this year's "Parasites" section.

Stanisław Liguziński

Song Youngyoon

Song majored in filmmaking at Hanyang University and started his career in VR as an assistant director of "Eyes in The Red Wind", which has been invited to Sundance film festival in 2018.


2018 Jin-ho's Universe (kr. m. dok.)

2020 Rain Fruits (kr. m. VR)

Lee Sngmoo

Lee is the director of Art and Technology Lab at K'ARTS - Korea National University of Arts.He directed and created such critically acclaimed VR projects as "Eyes in The Red Wind", and "Scarecrow".


2010 Honor wojownika / The Warrior's Way

2017 Eyes in the Red Wind (kr. m.)

2020 Scarecrow (gra video)

2020 Rain Fruits (kr. m. VR)

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