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Sarpatta Parambarai

dir. Pa. Ranjith
India 2021, 173’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Polish premiere
Theatrical Screenings
Fr 17 Nov, 20:30
Kinoteka 1
Kinoteka 1
Online Availability
15 Nov, 10:00 – 3 Dec
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Awards and festivals
South Indian International Movie Awards 2022 - Best Movie
India 2021
Duration: 173’
director: Pa. Ranjith
screenplay: Pa. Ranjith, Thamizh Prabha
cinematography: Murali.G
editing: Selva RK
music: Santhosh Narayanan
cast: Arya, Kalaiyarasan, Pasupathi, Dushara Vijayan
producer: Shanmugam Dhakshanraj
production: K9 Studios, Neelam Productions
language: Tamil
colouration: colour

Film description

Sarpatta is one of the most important clans of the Tamil Madras (now Chennai), where boxing is the most important form of entertainment. Winning the championships is a matter of honor which, despite the ferocity of its boxers, Sarpatta was not able to win back over the past few years. After yet another defeat, Sarpatta's coach goes out on a limb – if they win, the clan will forever leave the world of boxing. One of those feeling the pressure is the young Kabilan, who have never boxed before, but makes up for his shortcomings with his fervor and determination. In his fists lies the future of the Sarpatta heritage.

"Sarpatta Parambarai" is not a classic film about sports. Boxing is just a pretext to tell the story of a collective fever caused by the vision of defiled honor. As the camera tries to keep up with the series of punches, it also registers the things happening outside the ring – images of the overexcited crowd, an integral part of the world of boxing, family conflicts, and mob feud straight from yakuza movies. "Sarpatta Parambarai" is also a portrait of the tumultuous events of the 1970s Tamil region, made in a style worthy of Martin Scorsese.

Łukasz Mańkowski

Pa. Ranjith

Film director, studied at the Government College of Fine Arts in Chennai. He began his career as an Assistant Director. He debuted in 2012 with "Attakathi," the first portrayal of the Tamil South he made using traditional narration. The 2014 "Madras", a non-stereotypical portrait of the politics of northern Madras, brought him acclaim and recognition. Ranjith specializes in genre cinema, but is not afraid to focus on social issues – many of his productions talk about ostracized groups, shoved aside by the oppressive system.


2012 Attakachi

2014 Madras

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2021 Serce Sarpatty / Sarpatta Parambarai

2022 Natchathiram Nagargirathu

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