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Bulbul Can Sing

dir. Rima Das
India 2018, 95’
Polish premiere
Awards and festivals
Asian Film Awards 2019 - nominacja za najlepszy debiut reżyserski; Berlin IFF 2019 - wyróżnienie Jury Generation 14plus; Dublin IFF 2019 - najlepsza reżyseria; Indian FF of Melbourn 2019 - najlepszy film niezależny; Mumbai FF 2018 - Golden Gateway of India dla najlepszego filmu; National Film Awards, India 2019 - najlepszy film w języku asamskim; Osaka Asian FF 2019 - wyróżnienie; Prag Cine Awards 2019 - najlepszy film, najlepszy aktor, najlepsza aktorka; Singapore IFF 2018 - najlepszy aktor
India 2018
Duration: 95’
director: Rima Das
screenplay: Rima Das
cinematography: Rima Das
editing: Rima Das
cast: Pakija Begam, Arnali Das, Manoranjan Das, Banita Thakuria, Manabendra Das
producer: Rima Das
production: Flying River Films
language: Assamese
colouration: colour

Film description

Girls should be modest, girls should be polite – this is the refrain which has always accompanied 15-year-old Bulbul in her growing up. But wild meadows of the Indian state of Assam have plenty of space to hide secrets of the youth. Bulbul and her two friends, Bonny and Suman, live with passion every minute of this magic period when childhood innocence segues into the challenges, fascinations and mysteries of adulthood – and its dangers.

It is difficult to believe that this brilliantly shot and mature coming-of-age portrait was accomplished with low budget by a modest film crew. The director, Rima Das, is also the author of the screenplay, the cinematographer, the editor and the producer. Thanks to her documentary style we can discover the world of the film personages from a natural, unforced perspective, which allows us to plunge deeply into their reality and experience it with all our senses. The precise, nuanced story resonates on many levels and captivates with its images, subtle narrative guidance and irresistible charm of young actors' talents. A history of girlish rebellion and a tale about growing up in conservative environment, the power of friendship and artistic sensibility developing in the midst of wild nature and traditional rites.

The author continues the threads present in her award-winning debut, whose protagonist is a girl that dreams to have her own a guitar: it looks like we have a contemporary female response to one of the most important cycles in the history of Indian cinema – the Apu trilogy by Satyajit Ray.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Rima Das

A self-taught director born in the state of Assam, who on the set of her films works also as a screenwriter, cinematographer and editor. The founder of the studio Flying River Films which supports independent filmmakers in the region. Her second feature, "Village Rockstars", was shown at over 80 international film festivals and became the Indian candidate for Oscar in 2018. The same year the magazine GQ India recognized her as one of the 50 most influential young citizens of India. In 2019 she was awarded a PhD at Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University.


2016 Man with the Binoculars: Antardrishti
2017 Village Rockstars
2018 Bulbul Can Sing

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