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Still Human

Lun lok yan
dir. Oliver Chan Siu-kuen
Hong Kong 2018, 115’
Polish premiere
Awards and festivals
Asian Film Awards 2019 - best new director Osaka Asian Film Festival 2019 - audience choice award Hong Kong Film Awards 2019 - best actor, best new performer, best new director
Hong Kong 2018
Duration: 115’
director: Oliver Chan Siu-kuen
screenplay: Oliver Chan Siu-kuen
cinematography: Derek Siu
editing: Oliver Chan Siu-kuen, Wilson Ho Chun-him
music: Austin Chau
cast: Crisel Consunji, Anthony Wong Chau-sang
producer: Fruit Chan
production: Golden Scene, No Ceiling Film Production
sales: Golden Scene
source of print: Golden Scene
language: Cantonese, English, Tagalog
colouration: colour

Film description

Leung Cheong-wing is dependent on the help of others since he suffered an accident at the construction site and is now paralyzed from the chest down. He lives alone in one of the small, stuffy public housing estates in Hong Kong. His ex-wife and son live in the United States, only his sister and best friend come to visit. Caring for Cheong-wing is becoming more and more difficult for them, so they decide to hire a migrant worker from the Philippines, Evelyn, as a domestic help. The woman patiently endures Cheong-wing's mood swings, constant stress and difficult housing conditions, trying to deal with the problems she left in the Philippines. The characters gradually overcome the language barrier, without suspecting that they will thoroughly influence each others' lives...

"Still Human" strength lies not only in the well-written script of a low-key drama, excellent acting, accurate capture of Hong Kong's everyday realities such as Sunday gatherings of Filipino domestic workers in the middle of a street in the city center. Oliver Chen Siu-kuen's full-length debut is a story shown from the perspective of the excluded, who in her film speak with their own voice, expressing their anxieties and hopes for the future. The two main characters face their physical and economic limitations, which have become their prison. The extraordinary imagination and sensitivity to the problems of the city's residents - migrants and native Hong Kongers - enable deep identification with the characters. "Still Human" is a chance to look at Hong Kong from their point of view as a city that offers as many unexpected traps as opportunities for better life.

Maja Korbecka

Oliver Chan Siu-kuen

Born in 1987 in Hong Kong, she is a director and screenwriter. She grew up in a public housing estate in the Kowloon district, during primary school she often appeared in Hongkong educational TV programs for children. After finishing high school, she entered business school at the Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong (CUHK) in the faculty of finance, attending two one-year exchange programs at Copenhagen Business School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After completing her studies, she worked for two years at the Hang Seng Bank, but in 2012 she resigned and enrolled in the film production department at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Her debut short film, "3 Coins", received an award founded by the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and in 2015 "Children" was selected for the Fresh Wave line-up. After graduation, Oliver Chan Siu-kuen founded film production company No Ceiling Film Production Limited, shooting commercials and ads. "Still Human" is her first full-length feature film for which she was awarded Best New Director at the 13th Asian Film Awards.


2013 3 Coins / Saam go gam bai

2015 ALOHA

2015 Children / Ji neoi

2018 Pozostać człowiekiem / Still Human / Lun lok yan

Festival guests

Crisel Consunji


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