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14th Five Flavours Film Festival

Tasty Cinema

Little Forest, dir. Yim Soon-rye, South Korea

The culinary section of the 14th Five Flavours is a sense-stimulating survey of film delicacies from across Asia. And if the steaming-hot soups, dishes sprinkled with colorful seasonings, and glossy chocolate-glazed cakes make your mouth water, you can join us for a home feast accompanying the screenings!

Tasty Cinema is filled with culinary surprises and Asian cuisines secrets.

Food does not just satisfy our basic life needs. It is also an important part of our social life. Meals bring together families and strangers, provide a platform for exchanging traditions, customs, and memories. They can open people’s hearts, tempt, and provoke interpersonal connections.

The Tasty Cinema section is a story of life-changing recipes, emotions brought out by cooking together, and of intercultural dialog forged over a full plate. It is also an insight into Asian cuisines – from seasonal Korean delicacies to eclectic Singapore tidbits, from Japanese school lunch boxes prepared by mothers to fancy compositions of the Vietnamese master chefs.

If your mouth has ever watered when you watched protagonists enjoying refined delicacies or just simple home-made meals, then the online version of Five Flavours has something just for you. Together with the best restaurants specializing in Asian cuisines, we prepared a special festival menu. The unique sets, inspired by particular films from the section, will be available to order in advance on our website. Every day during the festival, they will be delivered across Warsaw, allowing you to combine home screenings with the unique taste of dishes from the films. For viewers from outside the capital, we will prepare a special snack box – their original flavors will enrich the festival experiences. More details and a list of partner restaurants will be revealed on November 10!

That’s not all – for those who like cooking challenges, KUKBUK magazine prepared a set special recipes allowing you to recreate the on-screen dishes in your own kitchen. The recipes will be published during the festival on KUKBUK’s Instagram and in the Festival newspaper which will appear at the Five Flavours website before the festival.

Section partner: KUKBUK

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