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RIP Jagoda Murczyńska
Our wonderful colleague and dearest friend with whom we shared our passion for cinema and created the Festival for almost a decade.
13th Five Flavours Film Festival

Publication: "Made in Hong Kong. Cinema of the time of change"

The Five Flavours library is expanding by another publication. At this year's festival, a new book will have its premiere: "Made in Hong Kong. Cinema of the time of change", focused on Hong Kong's cinematography from the 1980s to the present day, published together with Wydawnictwo w Podwórku.


The meeting dedicated to the book will take place in Kino Muranów
16 November at 12.15 pm

Hong Kong's new cinema breathes in the rhythm of political changes. Daring action cinema, family comedies and conscious auteur cinema resonate with tensions felt by the citizens of the state with the expiry date, facing the prospect of a being absorbed by the Chinese big brother, and at the same time experiencing the benefits and problems of advanced capitalism. It is cinematography which reflects the mosaic tissue of the metropolis, which has grown from the experiences of migrants, clash of cultures, hard work and insolent courage. Today, it faces a vast array of opportunities - and equally many threats - associated with the proximity of the spectacularly growing Chinese film industry. Its fate should be of interest not only to the viewers and filmmakers of the region: sooner or later world cinema will have to face similar challenges.

The voices of critics, film experts and people directly connected with the Hong Kong film industry gathered in the book allow us to get to know the cinema of the turbulent period of transformations, which began with the signing of a declaration of handing over the British colony to China in 1984. The authors present the achievements of outstanding directors, discover less known faces of Hong Kong's genre cinema, analyze the production behind the scenes and create a multithreaded story about Hong Kong's vibrant, surprising and contrasting film culture.

List of Contents:
  • Bogna Konior - Vanishing Cinema: A City Beyond Time
  • Gina Marchetti - Ann Hui: Between Hong Kong and World Cinema
  • Łukasz Mańkowski - Mabel Cheung: Autumn Stories About Migration
  • Timmy Chen - Gender and Politics in Fruit Chan’s Prostitute Trilogy
  • Silvia Wong - Made in Hong Kong: From 1997 to 2019
  • Jagoda Murczyńska - Wong Kar-wai: Cinema of the City
  • Sławomir Wasiński - The Truth of Time. About the Cinematic Work of Pang Ho-cheung
  • Marcin Krasnowolski - Johnnie To: an Author for a New Times
  • Kevin Ma - Fresh Wave Revolution. A New Generation of Hong Kong Filmmakers
  • Victor Fan - Locating Tongzhi/Tungzi Cinema: Hong Kong LGBTQI+ Films since 1997
  • Karen Fang - Pictures of Dissent: Hong Kong Independent Cinema After 1997
  • Derek Chiu - Film Censorship in Hong Kong: Between the Law and Experience
  • Maja Korbecka - New Year's Movies - All's Well That Ends Well
  • Marcin Krasnowolski - We Made Films for Dollars Smuggled in Shoeboxes. Interview with Roger Lee
  • Bede Cheng - Re-living the Celluloid Dreams - Restoring Hong Kong’s Cinematic Glories
  • Silvia Wong - Hong Kong Cinema in the Eyes of the World. Interview with Li Cheuk To

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