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New films by the masters in the Asian Cinerama section. Sale of passes for the 17th Five Flavours begins!

01 September 2023
Full River Red, dir. Zhang Yimou

Zhang Yimou, Naoko Ogigami, and Lee Hae-young - outstanding creators well-known to the Five Flavours audience, will once again deliver sensations with their latest works this year. Festival passes for this year are now available - both for the physical edition and online!

Karnety na 17. edycję festiwal są już dostępne w sprzedaży!

An extraordinary canvas depicting political betrayal in the guise of a brilliant crime thriller, which has become the biggest hit in Asian cinemas this year; a surprising tale about the search for the joy of life; and an extravagant historical fantasy about revenge against the occupier with a feminist twist! These are just three offerings, respectively from China, Japan, and South Korea, that we will showcase in the Asian Cinerama section, presenting the most intriguing hits of popular cinema.

These are films that have captured the hearts of the Asian audience in the current season. They are created by filmmakers who have established a strong presence among viewers over the years, as well as young authors who have burst into the top league with their rapid success and brilliant ideas. Guided with a sure hand, surprising with innovative formal solutions, and offering a dose of great entertainment - Asian Cinerama screenings provide an excellent overview of what was on the Asian cinema scene in 2023.

Full River Red


dir. Zhang Yimou

China 2023, 159’

[In-theather only]

China, 12th century, during the reign of the Sung Dynasty. Just hours before the meeting between Prime Minister Qin Hui and a representative from the Jin delegation, the diplomat is assassinated. What's more, a letter addressed to the Prime Minister also vanishes. Qin Hui instructs his army commander to find the murderer and the missing letter. A fretful journey through narrow stone streets and a confrontation with various individuals involved in the intrigue begin. Time is running out...

Zhang Yimou's latest film is stunning - in its colors, pace, and narrative structure, transforming from a comedic crime story into an epic tale of monumental proportions.



dir. Lee Hae-young

South Korea 2023, 133’

[In-theater + online]

In 1933, Korea is under the brutal Japanese occupation. A ray of hope shines through the thriving resistance movement. Threatened Japanese authorities gather five suspects in a secluded hotel to determine who the elusive "Phantom" is, a prominent figure among the rebels. An exciting game of life and death begins, where no one is who they claim to be. Will they succeed in identifying the Phantom? Does the Phantom even exist?

A story that starts as a typical spy film transforms into a spectacular and highly engaging tale of reckoning for wrongs. Outstanding performances by Park So-dam and Lee Ha-nee, and be sure to watch for Esom's powerful cameo from "Microhabitat"!



dir. Naoko Ogigami

Japan 2023, 120’

[In-theather only]

Yoriko seems to have a well-ordered life. Her everyday is filled with meetings with members of a religious sect, prayers at her home altar, and grooming the Zen stone garden that ruthlessly replaced the flowerbeds her husband once cared for before he disappeared from her life without a word. His return after years disrupts the facade of harmony - the sudden reappearance of a man echoes through the woman's life, like ripples disturbing the calm water's surface...

A surprising tragicomedy by Naoko Ogigami, a favorite of the Five Flavours audience, this film marks a new chapter in her creative work.

17th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival passes are now available!
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The 17th edition of the festival will be held in a hybrid format:

  • Online, throughout Poland: November 15 - December 3, 2023
  • In theaters: November 15-21, 2023, Warsaw, Kino Muranów, Kinoteka

There are two types of passes available:

  • Five Flavours Cinema+Online Pass, priced at 350 PLN – grants access to all film screenings (excluding the opening ceremony) during the festival in theaters and access to all films on the festival's video platform. The program will feature at least 37 full-length films. The number of passes is limited.
  • Five Flavours Online Pass, priced at 190 PLN – grants access to all films on the festival's video platform. Online, there will be at least 27 films from the festival program. The number of online passes is unlimited, and they will also be available for purchase during the festival.

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