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Weekend at the 15th Five Flavours: Sunday in India!

19 November 2021

The weekend is the most intense time of the festival. Get ready for a lot of excitement, interesting discussions and lots of emotions!


All meetings and debates of the Festival studio will stay on our website and will be available to watch before and after the screenings!

We invite you for Q&As with our guests, a unique debate about sports cinema and, of course, for the Festival screenings!

Festival studio

sun 21 nov 12pm online

For years, Indian cinema was mainly associated with Bollywood films. For several years, however, we have been observing a blossoming of independent cinema showing the complex reality of contemporary India: various aspects of its modernisation and cultural transformations. We talk about the diverse social landscape of this complex country with Paulina Wilk, a writer and columnist who has been following Indian reality for years. 

Aditya Vikram Sengupta, author of the hypnotic "Once upon a Time in Calcutta", in which he builds a unique portrait of the city and its inhabitants, is also a guest on the studio.

The studio's partner is "Przekrój" magazine. 

The meetings and debates will be avaialable to watch at piecsmakow.plfacebook.com/piecsmakow and vod.warszawa.pl.

This year's Festival Studio is created in cooperation with VOD Warszawa and Andrzej Wajda Centre For Film Culture.

VOD Warszawa i Centrum Kultury Filmowej im. Andrzeja Wajdy.

Studio program

Papaya.Rocks debate: Between the games. Asian sports on the big screen

The Olympic Section focuses on sport films, which may come as a surprise for many of the Festival viewers. Usually, this are spectacular productions aimed at wide audiences, but it is not always the case. The films we show at Five Flavours combine the dynamics of a good sports show with valuable social, psychological and cultural insight. This is the cinema about building communities and conquering prejudice, about overcoming (or not) one's limits and the sports fascinations that have the power to take over your life, regardless of the consequences.

We will be talking about what Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese sports movies tell us about the local societies, about its ethos and its links to politics, and about the sources of motivation to take up exhausting training routines on Friday at 6 p.m. in our online studio with the experts: Stanisław Bryś (editor), Julianna Czapska Carvajal (sports psychologist), Marcin Krasnowolski (section curator) and Łukasz Smolarow (film expert and soccer coach).

Watch the recorded debate (in Polish) 

Asian Academy

Every year, Five Flavours invites the audiences for Asian Academy – meetings with experts, lecturers, and Asian cultures enthusiasts. This year's Asian Academy is comprised entirely out of podcasts. You can find an almost complete list of them on our website. Among the topics discussed during the Academy are the Olympic Section, Taiwanese Queer cinema, Wong Kar Wai's retrospective, as well as Chinese and Japanese historical cinema.

Listen to the Academy (in Polish)

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