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From anime to Chinese philosophy: a live meeting with world experts on Asian cinema!

25 May 2021

Why would a researcher be fascinated with gangster films? What can you discover through an in-depth analysis of blockbusters? How does a sentimental melodrama connect to literary traditions? How is festival programming relevant to educational activities? And how does pop culture influence the image of its country of origin abroad?

Join us here on Five Flavours website or our Facebook on Wednesday, May 26, 11:00am CET. The conversation will be held in English with Polish translation.

Popular cinema often inspires its viewers to dig deeper. It is no coincidence that many western academics focusing on Asian cinema started out watching anime, martial arts films or, more recently, teenage K-dramas. Film festivals are often the space where fandom culture and the purely entertainment-based fascination with cinema meet the need to deepen the knowledge, reach for classic literature, art, theater, and search for niche cultural connections between cinema and other forms of art, philosophy or sociology.

On Wednesday, May 26 Jagoda Murczyńska and Łukasz Mańkowski from Five Flavours will host Kiki Fung, a curator and cinema expert cooperating with many institutions and festivals, and Tom Mes, film critic, author of books about Japanese cinema. We will discuss how the fascination with pop culture can translate into a professional curatorial or academic career, what is missing in the education programmes on contemporary cinema and Asian countries, and how to use film festivals to provide broad knowledge about the history of cinema and the contemporary world.

Join us here on Five Flavours website or our Facebook on Wednesday, May 26, 11:00am CET. The conversation will be held in English with Polish translation.

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Kiki Fung

Kiki Fung

Programme Consultant for Hong Kong International Film Festival and Advisor for The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ School of Film & Television. She was former Head Programmer for Brisbane International Film Festival and Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, and has guest-curated for the Brisbane Festival and Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art. She is a member of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society, her recent essays published in Wong Ain Ling’s The Cinema of Wong Kar-wai and HKIFF Society’s Naruse Mikio, 110th Anniversary. In ACE she presents a lecture "The Poetics of Chinese-Language Cinema".

Łukasz Mańkowski

Film critic writing about Asian Cinema, Japanese language translator, and festival program consultant. Enrolled in the Ph.D. program at Artes Liberales (University of Warsaw), he prepares an interdisciplinary dissertation on the perception of Japanese New Wave and Avant-Garde Cinema and teaches classes on Asian Film. Łukasz has been selected for many critics' talents lab, including the 2021 IFFR's Young Critics Programme. For ACE he prepared few webinars on film language analysis in "Webinars: Asian cinema - how to talk and write about it?" program, available from September 2021. 

Tom Mes

The co-founder of the website Midnight Eye and has published two books on director Miike Takashi and one on Tsukamoto Shinya. He also co-authored The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film. As a film critic he has contributed to publications such as Film Comment, Sight and Sound, Rue Morgue, De Filmkrant, Kateigaho and many others. He has provided liner notes and audio commentaries for numerous DVD and blu-ray releases of Japanese films. As a screenwriter Tom worked on Shinji Imaoka’s pink musical “Underwater Love” (“Onna no Kappa”) and as an actor he can be seen in Kiki Sugino’s “Taksu” (“Yokudo”). In ACE he presents the lecture "V-Cinema: The Video Revolution in Japan". 

Jagoda Murczyńska

Film critic, editor and author of numerous texts on East and Southeast Asian cinema. Since 2012 program selector and co-organizer of the Five Flavours Asian Film Festival, co-host of Five Flavours podcast, editor and author of festival catalog as well as book "Silent explosion. New Cinema of East and Southeast Asia" and "Made in Hong Kong. Cinema in Transition". For ACE she presents the lecture "Our Time Has Come: Women Directors of Contemporary Asian Cinema".

Asian Cinema Education

Asian Cinema Education

Asian Cinema Education is a platform created to fill in the blanks in the knowledge of modern Asian cinema. This is a unique opportunity for all Asian film lovers and future film critics to debate the key phenomena in the cinemas of South and Southeast Asia hand-in-hand with experts and film organizers. Asian Cinema Education presents sixteen open remarkable lectures prepared by experts on Asian cinema, introduces free of charge interactive online courses focusing on different aspects of Asian film criticism and journalism, and gives you a chance to become a member of the International People’s Jury at Five Flavours Asian Film Festival.

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