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Five Flavour’s year-round VOD platform launches in April!

18 March 2021

Five Flavours At Home is a year-round space for encounters with Asian cinema, operating in the rhythm of cyclical programs. Apart from thematic sets, changing every few weeks, it will also include a permanent library of titles that have been distributed by Five Flavours.

The link between the permanent library and the first cycle is "Maggie" directed by Yi Ok-seop. After the successful tour in cinemas, the film will have its online premiere in April, exclusively at the Five Flavours platform.

Five Flavours At Home will be inaugurated on April 8! The first cycle kicking off the platform is "Women of Korea" – a selection of films with fascinating, one-of-the-kind heroines, creating their own paths in life. Korean cinema, surprising with fresh perspectives and original stories, has seen a significant increase in the number of the voices of women directors, writers and producers, setting the directions of its growth – their presence will also play a big role in our program.

Five Flavours At Home

The year-round, curated VOD platform is the answer to the demands of the viewers who enthusiastically embraced Five Flavours online screenings. At the same time, it also fulfills our dream of being able showcase films which, after the festival screenings, have never made it back to Polish cinemas. This space will allow us to revisit older, extremely valuable titles which – even though they have already become a part of contemporary world cinema canon – have never had their Polish premieres.

However, we don’t want to create a simple catalog of many unrelated titles, which would be easy to get lost in. We want to encourage our audiences to join us in discovering certain themes, filmmakers and phenomena. Every few weeks, we will present a coherent program made up of a few films, which will allow us to take a closer look at some particularly interesting trends in Asian cinemas.

The platform’s permanent library includes titles distributed in Polish cinemas by Five Flavours. Unique, auteur projects, created by filmmakers that we had the pleasure of hosting at the festival,
are the titles particularly close to our hearts, showing surprising and diverse faces of contemporary Asia.

The link between the permanent library and the first cycle is "Maggie" directed by Yi Ok-seop. In a modest, bitter-sweet form, the director takes up a number of issues faced by women in Korea. After a successful tour in cinemas, the film will have its online premiere in April – exclusively at the Five Flavours platform.

Cycles coming to Five Flavours At Home
Women of Korea: April 8 – May 19, 2021

K-pop is taking the world by storm, South Korean series reach millions of viewers, the economy is soaring. But the complex history of the divided country is still weighing on many aspects of its life, and not everyone is rising with the economic high tide. What are the challenges faced by the women of the country with such a complicated past and complex present? What are the dreams shared by those living in metropolises and small towns, from Seoul and Pyongyang? The program prepared by Five Flavours includes films painting a diverse portrait of the Korean women – those from the South and the North. Stories combining subtle humor and a powerful message, sentimental notes and biting irony, help us discover inspiring heroines with a unique outlook on life, determined to fight for their dreams.

Sion Sono: May 20 – July 7, 2021

Sion Sono is one of the most eccentric filmmakers in the world, and his films have long been a part of the Festival program. Director, painter, performer, musician – with equal ease, he finds inspiration in the weirdest corners of the Japanese pop culture and in European arthouse classics. His films can shock, blow up social norms, bring out tears of laughter and provide harsh comments on reality, without losing a heart-wrenching dose of lyricism and a piercing philosophical message that stays with you long after the screening. Sono’s films are truly life-changing. In our spring cycle, we revisit the oeuvres of the director, whose retrospective was a part of the program of the 10th Five Flavours edition, honoring the years-long demands of our viewers to bring back the best titles of this unique auteur.

Asian Road Cinema: July 8 – September 1, 2021

The films invite you to embark on a thoughtful journey: to wander through Asian roads and unbeaten tracts, discover the complex sociopolitical history of the region hidden in-between the postcard frames, find people’s stories among the neon lights of the city, search for the tales of the deserted river banks. To meet people whose lives are as ragged as the borderlines between conflicted countries, and to visit insignificant places with histories that could fill thousands of pages. Asian wilderness and wide communication routes are the perfect spaces for road movies, taking us on our own physical and mental journeys alongside their protagonists. The continent of permanent migrations is a bottomless well of stories allowing us to see the tourist paradises in a completely different light.

Five Flavours At Home permanent library

Films from East and Southeast Asia are rarely presented at Polish screens. Titles from the Five Flavours distribution catalog fill in this gap, painting a diverse portrait of these cinemas – they include electrifying auteur pieces, combining local themes and aesthetics with intriguing conventions of world cinema.

  • Apocalypse Child, dir. Mario Cornejo, Philippines 2015
  • Maggie (VOD premiere!), dir. Yi Ok-seop, South Korea 2018
  • Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts, dir. Mouly Surya, Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Thailand 2017
  • Honeygiver Among the Dogs, dir. Dechen Roder, Bhutan 2016
  • Samui Song, dir. Pen-ek Ratanaruang, Thailand, Germany, Norway 2017
  • The Taste of Pho, dir. Mariko Bobrik, Poland, Germany 2018
How to watch?

The films will be available directly at the piecsmakow.pl website. Single Accesses and Passes for the whole program will be available for the whole duration of the cycle.

The films will be presented with Polish and English subtitles, and will be available at the Polish territory.

Tickets will go on sale on March 31, 2021.

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