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Morning Live Meeting: Mobster Friday

04 December 2020

Five Flavours always offers a solid dose of adrenaline, chases, and spin back kicks. Good action cinema is so more than just entertainment – there is much to be read between the lines!

During the Friday live meeting we will about what is hidden beyond the beautiful frames of "Beasts Clawing at Straws," and about the differences between the protagonist of "A Hard Day" and a typical Korean police officer. We will also reveal some interesting facts about how "Trivisa" was made and the political context of the situation its lawless protagonists found themselves in. We explain why "A Witness Out Of the Blue" is a unique proposal in the modern Hong Kong cinema and what the industry may be facing in a close future. We also recommend a film from the Asian VR section that uses the crime story convention in a particularly interesting way.'

Red Carpet

On Friday evening, the Five Flavours Red Carpet will host the directors of "Memories To Choke On, Drinks to Wash Them Down" – the actor and director Kate Reilly and cinematographer and director Leung Ming-kai, who was also the cinematographer for "Suk Suk." It will be a chance to talk about contemporary Hong Kong and the emotions that accompanied filmmakers while shooting the portrait of the city.

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