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Festival Passes for the 14th Five Flavours are now available - enjoy the festival in cinemas and online!

24 September 2020

This year’s edition of Five Flavours Asian Film Festival will be held in a hybrid form: both in Warsaw venues and on a special Internet platform. From 25th of November to 2nd of December, audiences from all over Poland will have the opportunity to discover the diverse facets of East and Southeast Asian cinema. 

If you can't imagine the festival without sharing your emotions with other viewers in the cinema - join us in our Warsaw's venues. If you prefer to distance yourself socially this year but still participate in our great Asian feast - we offer an online pass with access to a special festival VOD offer. All viewers, as always, can expect additional attractions - meetings with guests, film introductions and curiosities from our experts, as well as unique surprises that will allow us all to feel the atmosphere of a long journey through cities and the wilderness of the Asian continent. 

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This year's programme features stories about intimacy and closeness, found within and outside the family; about reshaping life and returning to the roots. We will discuss current political events and social challenges, and we will discover corners that are not usually visited by tourists. We will find out how strongly the art of cooking is connected with culture and deepest human feelings. We will discover surprising aspects of the most modern technologies. 

Here are all thematic sections of the 14th edition of Five Flavours: 
  • New Asian Cinema - burning issues, surprising forms and masters of Asian film world

  • Parasites - bold social cinema of unrelenting artists from South Korea

  • Tasty Cinema - culinary film surprises and secrets of Asian cuisine

  • Journey to Asia - hidden corners of the continent, local traditions and charming atmosphere of voyage into the unknown

  • Hong Kong Now - a metropolis facing great political change and nostalgia for the colourful past of a multicultural city

  • Asian VR -  artistic and entertaining face of virtual reality

  • Asian Cinerama - blockbusters and latest works of  of recognized masters nominated for Asian Film Awards

Terms and Conditions of Festival Passes

Two types of Festival Passes are available for the 14th AFF Five Flavours:

  1. Five Flavours Pass (300 PLN) - allows access to all film screenings (except the Opening Ceremony) during the festival in cinemas and access to all films on Five Flavours Internet platform. The number of passes available is limited. 

  2. Five Flavours Online Pass (100 PLN) - allows access to all films on Five Flavours Internet platform. The number of online passes is unlimited and they will also be available for sale during the festival. 

From 29th of October, tickets for single screenings will also be available both in cinemas and on the Internet platform. 

The Five Flavours Internet platform will host the vast majority of films from the festival programme. A significant part will be available without any restrictions for the whole eight days of the festival, several titles will be available for viewing within certain time limits. 

Access to the films will be possible ONLY on the territory of Poland. 

The full programme of the festival and accompanying events will be announced on 29th of October 2020. 

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