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Comrades: Almost A Love Story

Tian mi mi
dir. Peter Chan
Hong Kong 1996, 118’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Theatrical Screenings
Su 19 Nov, 18:00
Mo 20 Nov, 20:15
Awards and festivals
Asia-Pacific Film Festival 1997 - Best Actress, Best Screenplay Golden Horse Film Festival 1997 - Best Feature Film, Best Leading Actress
Hong Kong 1996
Duration: 118’
director: Peter Chan
screenplay: Ivy Ho
cinematography: Jingle Ma
editing: Chan Ki-hop, Kwong Chi-Leung
music: Chiu Jun-fun, Chiu Tsang-hei
cast: Maggie Cheung, Leon Lai, Eric Tsang, Kristy Yeung
producer: Peter Ho-Sun Chan
production: Golden Movies International, United Filmakers Organization
language: Cantonese
colouration: colour

Film description

When Jun comes from China to Hong Kong, Qiao is already there. The self-confident girl has a job at a McDonald's, a roguish smile, and a clear vision of her future. She already knows how to navigate the urban labyrinth, while Jun is still learning its topography. Their joint migrant experience and the need for closeness drive the two to spend more and more time with each other. Do they have a chance for a future together? Jun is planning to marry the sweetheart he left in his village, while Qiao is ready to reach for the stars.

This full-blooded melodrama, spiced up with elements of a romantic comedy, is one of the most beautiful love stories of contemporary cinema. Maggie Cheung shines in the role of Qiao, and Christopher Doyle, Wong Kar Wai's cinematographer of choice, appears on the screen in an autobiographical episode. The city is a character in its own right, both as a pitfall for the protagonists, and as their biggest life chance.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Peter Chan

Director, screenwriter and producer. Born in Hong Kong in 1962, he was raised in Thailand and studied in the US. He began his career as the assistant of John Woo at the set of "Heroes Shed No Tears" in 1986. His first success was the 1991 film "Alan and Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye," starring Maggie Cheung. Then Chan went on to direct a series of enthusiastically received mainstream productions. In 2000, he was one of the co-founders of the Applause Pictures production company. He currently works in China, making high-budget films. His last picture "Leap," a story of a female volleyball team starring Gong Li, was China's Oscar candidate.

Selected filmography:

1991 Seung sing goo si / Alan & Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye

1994 Gam chi yuk yip / He's a Woman, She's a Man

1996 Historia pewnej przyjaźni / Tian mi mi / Comrades: Almost A Love Story

2005 Ru guo · Ai / Perhaps Love

2007 Władcy wojny / Tau ming chong / The Warlords

2011 Wu xia

2020 Duo guan / Leap

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