Pięć Smaków w Domu

Special Screenings

Crazy Japanese teenagers, the cruel Yakuza, and a mystical journey through Kathmandu. This year, some of the audience's favorite filmmakers return to the festival lineup! The program includes new films by Sion Sono, Kazuia Shiraishi and Khyentse Norbu.

dir. Cornelio Sunny / Indonesia 2021,100’
dir. Kazuya Shiraishi / Japonia 2021,139’
dir. Khyentse Norbu / Nepal, Mexico, Singapore 2019,113’
dir. Yonfan / Hong Kong, China 2019,125’
dir. Sion Sono / Japan 2020,146’
dir. Banjong Pisanthanakun / Thailand, South Korea 2021,131’
dir. Edwin / Indonesia, Singapore, Germany 2021,114’

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