Pięć Smaków w Domu
15th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival

Special Screenings

Crazy Japanese teenagers, the cruel Yakuza, and a mystical journey through Kathmandu. This year, some of the audience's favorite filmmakers return to the festival lineup! The program includes new films by Sion Sono, Kazuia Shiraishi and Khyentse Norbu.

Among this year's Special Screenings is the new film by Kazuya Shiraishi, the author of films such as "Birds Without Names," "One Night," "Dawn of the Felines," and "The Blood of Wolves." One of the most interesting Japanese voices of the middle generation, Shiraishi often uses stylish generic conventions and confronts his protagonists with dramatic choices, creating a cinema combining great entertainment with a powerful psychological experience. He returns with a sequel to one of the most intriguing Japanese gangster films of the last decade.

The Five Flavours program wouldn't be complete without a film by a subversive master of Japanese cinema – Sion Sono, the subject of a retrospective at the 10th edition of the festival and a spring program at the Five Flavours At Home VOD platform. In his latest film, "Red Post on Escher Street," the author of "Love Exposure" and "Himizu" returns to his avant-garde, punk roots and the cinema made with unfettered joy and a lot of craziness.

Five Flavours keeps exploring even the smallest national cinemas. This year's special event at the festival is the premiere of the latest film by Khyentse Norbu, a Bhutanese director and lama, whose films "The Cup," "Travelers and Magicians," or "Hema Hema" brought him international fame. In his films, the master of Himalayan cinema explores the mythology of Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet, without losing sight of the modern challenges faced by the people in the region.

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