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"When you think of bustling multiethnic European cities, Warsaw is not the name that pops up in your mind. Also the cinematic representations of the Polish capital so far were hesitant to take cognizance for any diversity, despite the growing number of foreigners living there. However Mariko Bobrik, the Japanese director who studied at Łódzka Szkoła Filmowa (National Film School in Łódź) and settled in Poland with her family, could see through the façade of homogeneity."

Review of "The Taste of Pho" at Asian Movie Pulse

International Cinephile Society

The interesting thing to look at, in a meta sort of way, is what a director from a different culture brings into a Polish film. And Bobrik shares a light touch we would normally perhaps find in a Hirokazu Kore-eda or Ryusuke Hamaguchi film, a non-sentimental and sweet tone whilst dealing with a serious subject, a melodrama without the melodrama. [...] Bobrik delivers a pleasing debut that shines a light on immigration problems from a different angle than most other films, and a perspective that is very welcome.

Cédric Succivalli

Review of "The Taste of Pho" at International Cinephile Society


A story of food and identity, love and incomprehension, work and modern times, The Taste of Pho offers up a slice of this family’s daily life and conveys with great sensitivity the inner conflict of those living far from their country of origin. (...) Mention should also be made of the Japanese jazz pianist and composer based in Berlin, Aki Takase, whose beautiful original music adds a touch of light-heartedness, de-dramatising the film wherever the moment requires it.

Vittoria Scarpa

Review of "The Taste of Pho" at Cineuropa

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