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Archive - 9th Five Flavours Film Festival

New Asian Cinema

New Asian Cinema competition section aims to capture all the best and the most important phenomena in the cinema of the Far East.

New Asian Cinema section presents films directed by wonderful upcoming artists with outstanding talent and exceptional sensibility. Their work, often wrapped an innovative form, takes up important social issues, the condition of people living in a fast-growing region of the world and the challenges they must confront in the face of the rapid changes.
It is a cinema which encourages discussion, takes up difficult subjects, and sheds light on forgotten stories. It is also a set of warm, optimistic stories about human fates, intimate portraits, and lively emotions understandable all over the world.
The best picture of the 9th edition of Five Flavours will be chosen by the People's Jury, made up of 11 enthusiasts of Asian cinema.


Crocodile, dir. Francis Xavier Pasion

The competition includes some widely discussed titles from at international festivals, such as "Crocodile" (Philippines, 2014), awarded at Cinemalaya festival, in Tokio and in Vesoul. The Filipino production, oscillating between a documentary and a feature film, talks about the results of a tragic death of a girl attacked by the eponymous predator. The critics were especially taken with extraordinary cinematography created by an experienced camera artist, Neil Dazy.

The Last Reel, dir. Kulikar Sotho

"The Last Reel" (Cambodia, 2014), just named the Cambodian Oscars nominee, is an important participant of the section. This full-length feature debut of producer and screenwriter, Kulikar Sotho, tells the story of an ambitious girl who learns about the tragic fate of her country's cinema through the history of her own family, eventually deciding to stand behind the camera and restore the ending of one of the few surviving films.

Ostatnia taśma (2014) reż. Kulikar Sotho
The Last Reel
, dir. Kulikar Sotho

Shadow Behind the Moon, dir. Jun Robles Lana

The section also features new production by filmmakers familiar to Polish audiences, such as "Shadow Behind The Moon" by Jun Robles Lana, whose "Bwakaw" was warmly received at last year's Five Flavours FF. This time the Filipino director takes up the topic of war, showing a metaphorical account of the conflict: his film is a stylish, emotional psychodrama whose heroes, tangled in a love triangle, are stuck in an abandoned shed on the no man's land between the army and the partisans.

Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories, dir. Phan Dang Di

Phan Dang Di, the author of "Bi, Don't Be Afraid" (one of the few films from South-Eastern Asia distributed in Poland in the recent years) will also present his new feature. "Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories" (Vietnam 2015), presented at Berlinale, is a story of a photography student who falls in love with his roommate and struggles against his conservative father. The director shows the Vietnam of the turn of the centuries – its new lifestyles, new aspirations, new freedom, but also the gridlock of remodeling social patterns.

0,5 mm, reż. Momoko Ando

The only film featured both in the main competition and in the section devoted to female Japanese directors is "0.5mm" (Japan 2014). The main role is played by the director's sister, Sakura Ando, considered as one of the best young actresses and the muse of the independent Japanese cinema. This bitter-sweet story about a woman who acts as an unconventional caretaker of the elders, enjoyed a warm reception from home audiences and critics.
0,5 mm
Sakura Ando in
0.5 mm, dir. Momoko Ando

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