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Who will come to the 17th Five Flavours? Meet the guests of the festival

02 November 2023
Chihiro Ito

Five Flavours is, as every year, meetings with outstanding artists who are on the threshold of promising careers. These are long and insightful conversations about art and life in a friendly atmosphere, where guests are close to those attending the festival.

It is always a great joy to host the artists who are behind the making of the films that are in the festival line-up. It's an opportunity to confront the feelings and emotions and to deepen the contexts of what's happening on the screen. This year Five Flavours will be visited by artists from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. Come and meet them!

The Guests of 17. Five Flavours

Chihiro Ito

Director, novelist, screenwriter, playwright, and set designer. Before directing her feature debut "In Her Room" in 2022, she worked as a script writer. "In Her Room" (screened at the prestigious Film Lincoln Center in New York City) is an adaptation of Ito's book. In her work, Ito explores the relationships between people and the environment, the material and the non-material.

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Makbul Mubarak

Makbul Mubarak started as a film critic. When he decided to stand behind the camera, his short films started being shown at international festivals. His debut feature "Autobiography," in which he wrestles with the demons of his, his family's and his homeland's past was chosen as the 2023 Indonesian Oscar candidate.

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Lay Jin Ong

After over 20 years of working as talent manager, he set up his own production house, Moore Entertainment. The company went on to produce many of Malaysia's major films, including "Shuttle Life" (2017), the first Malaysian production nominated for the Golden Horse Awards. Ong's feature debut "Abang Adik" received main awards at many international film festivals (including Udine FEFF and NYAFF), and was praised by the audiences and the critics.

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Lee Jeong-hong

Director, screenwriter, and editor. His first short film, the 2012 "No Cave," brought him the Best Picture award at Busan IFF. His next short, "The Girl Lives in Haeundae," was awarded at the Seoul Independent Film Festival on the same year. In 2014, he directed one of the parts of a novella film "Romance in Seoul." "A Wild Roomer" is his feature debut.

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Lim Oh-jeong

Born in 1982, graduated in photography from the Chung-ang University and studied film at the Korea National University of Arts. "Hail to Hell" is her feature debut.

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Anastasia Tsang

Studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She began her cinema journey with a short film "Marriage Sans Frontières," shown at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. In 2018, she co-directed the TV series "Till Death Do Us Part." "A Light Never Goes Out" is her feature debut.

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