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Full program and tickets for the 16th Five Flavours Film Festival are already available!

25 October 2022
Itomichi, dir. Satoko Yokohama

A city enjoying a spectacular growth spur and a metropolis dying out as we speak. A star looking for a way out from a deadly trap and a teenager determined to have a say in her own future. Japanese feel-good movies and terrifying horrors. As always, Five Flavours offers a full spectrum of moods, emotions, and themes. We announce the complete program of the Festival and kick off tickets sales!

At noon, we published the program of the 16th Five Flavours, the annual festival devoted to films from Asia – the continent filled with the biggest and most exciting cinemas of the world.

This year’s selection includes 39 meticulously chosen films, 30 of which will be available online, on the territory of Poland only. After the success of last year’s hybrid edition, Five Flavours will once again take place simultaneously in the Muranów and Kinoteka cinemas in Warsaw (November 16-23) and throughout Poland on the festival website www.piecsmakow.pl (November 16-December 4).

See the screening schedule and tickets:

Screening schedule
Film index

Passes for the whole Festival are still available:

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Meeting with Five Flavours viewers

Join us on Wednesday, October 26, at 6 p.m. at the Festival Facebook profile for a live meeting during which we will be answering questions about the Festival program.


Sections of the 16th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival
  • New Asian Cinema – the Festival’s competition section that has long signaled the changes and current moods in Asian countries. It includes eleven films that create a colorful, meaningful panorama of Asian cinema, directed by the industry’s shooting stars.
  • The winner of the 16th Five Flavours will be chosen by the International People’s Jury made up of ten Asian cinema enthusiasts coming to Warsaw from all across Europe.
  • Asian Cinerama – appealing big-budget blockbusters and new films created by world-famed  directors.
  • Retrospective: Edward Yang – six meticulously restored masterpieces by the prominent Taiwanese New Wave auteur, an insightful look at the modernizing Taipei and its inhabitants. This is the master’s first retrospective in Poland.
  • Hong Kong Cinema in Motion – films made after 1997, telling the story of the drastic changes undergone by Hong Kong after its handover to China.
  • Japan Feel-Good – the section that invites you to slow down and forget your sorrows. Eight Japanese films chosen for their audience-friendly, feel-good vibe.
  • Horror Cinema – a truly blood-chilling selection.

Festival guests

After a two-year pandemic break, the Festival will once again host wonderful filmmakers from Asia. Coming to Warsaw are: Martika Ramirez Escobar (Leonor Will Never Die), Sorayos Prapapan (Arnold is a Model Student), Ho Wi Ding (Terrorizers), Akiko Ohku (My Sweet Grappa Remedies), Kamila Andini (Yuni). The Q&A sessions after the screenings will provide an opportunity to discuss the making-of of the films they created.

That’s not all – in-depth conversations with the filmmakers who won’t be able to come to Poland will be available in free access at the Festival website piecsmakow.pl.

Introductions, podcasts, and other materials

Five Flavours goes beyond film screenings, offering materials filled with content related to the Festival program. Each screening will be accompanied by a spoiler-free introduction by a Five Flavours selectionner. The introductions to Edward Yang’s films were prepared by our guest speaker, Wafa Ghermani, a Taiwanese cinema expert working at La cinémathèque Française in Paris.

Another treat we prepared for our viewers is the Festival newspaper, which will include the screening schedule and essays related to different sections of the Festival program. The newspaper will be available in both printed and digital form.

The audiences will also have a chance to listen to several podcasts with in-depth discussions of films and the themes presented in them. The list includes both the Azja Kręci podcasts, recorded by the Festival selectioners, and those prepared by our media partners and collaborators.

The Festival is dedicated to the memory of Jagoda Murczyńska

The 16th edition of Five Flavours is dedicated to the memory of Jagoda Murczyńska who had been the pillar of the Festival for the past decade. Jagoda passed away suddenly, before her time, in February 2022. On Sunday, November 20, after the screening of Naoko Ogigami’s Rent-A-Cat, we invite you for a meeting during which we will be remembering our dear colleague.

Prices of Tickets and Festival Passes

Prices of single tickets for cinema screenings:

  • Regular ticket – 27 PLN
  • Happy Hour ticket (screenings beginning before 5 PM on weekdays) – 21 PLN
  • Single online access: 21 PLN (renting a film for 48h)

  • Five Flavours Pass Cinema + Online 340 PLN - Cinema + Online Pass holders have access to all Festival cinema screenings (except for the Gala Opening) and to all films on the Festival platform. The number of Cinema + Online Passes is limited.
  • Five Flavours Pass Online 180 PLN - Online Pass holders get access to all Five Flavours films on the Festival platform. The number of Online Passes is unlimited and they will continue to be available for the whole duration of the Festival. Thirty films from the program will be available online.

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