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Five Flavours At Home VOD platform and the „Women of Korea" program – already available!

08 April 2021
Microhabitat, dir. Jeon Go-woon, South Korea 2017

Five Flavours At Home, a VOD platform with Asian cinema, goes live on April 8. The „Women of Korea" program and the permanent library are already available at piecsmakow.pl/wdomu!

Five Flavours At Home, a new VOD platform devoted to Asian cinema, invites you to discover the most original voices of world cinema – the thematic programs, each lasting for several weeks, are a chance to discover brave, auteur voices, brilliant genre cinema, and ambitious film entertainment.

Five Flavours At Home is a year-round VOD platform with Asian cinema, presenting cyclical programs and a library of films available permanently. The curated cycles, changing every few weeks, present select titles, connected by their theme or their creators. The first one is "Women of Korea," a set of films about the unique heroines of Korean cinema.

For the inauguration of our year-round activities, we have prepared a special pass, which allows the viewers to see all films available on the platform for its first six weeks. You can also buy a pass for the "Women of Korea" program only and accesses to single films. The pass can also be purchased in the form of an elegant voucher which you can print and turn into an original gift.

The program will be available from April 8 till May 19, 2021.

Buy a Five Flavours At Home Pass

Buy a Five Flavours At Home Voucher

Women of Korea

The "Women of Korea" program is a meeting with unique heroines of the new Korean cinema which fascinates and surprises audiences all around the world with its original form and insightful observations of the contemporary reality. It includes films with perfect frames and strikingly masterful action scenes, like "Man on High Heels," contagiously optimistic stories about following your passion, like "Comrade Kim Goes Flying," and titles diving into an in-depth debate on relationships and life dilemmas, like "Yourself and Yours." The cycle is a peek into the world of women defying conventions and the expectations of society, which is eager to impose on them the roles of perfect corporate employees or consumers following the scripts of commercials. It is also an interesting glimpse at today's Korea – a constantly changing country that keeps searching for its identity.

"Women of Korea" – program

Permanent library

The year-round library of the platform includes films by authors regularly returning to international festivals, searching for original forms of film expression. Masters of cinema from Thailand, Indonesia or Bhutan create unique stories, negotiating various film conventions and styles. The Buddhist crime story "Honeygiver Among the Dogs," a female western "Marlina the Murder in Fours Acts" or the psychedelic surf cinema "Apocalypse Child" allow you to experience intense emotions, and provide and opportunity for contemplation and aesthetic elation.

Permanent library program

How to watch?

The films are available directly at piecsmakow.pl/wdomu, from Thursday, April 8, 10:00, till Wednesday, May 19, 23:29.

All films are presented with Polish and English subtitles and are only available in Poland. Each film is introduced by a Five Flavours expert.

FAQ – all you need to know about screening the films and using the platform

We also invite you to talk about the films in our Pięć Smaków – kino Azji Facebook group where viewers exchange their opinions and recommendations, and the organizers of Five Flavours provide contexts and additional information about the presented films!

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