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Morning live meeting: Strong Form Cinema

27 November 2020

Every day with morning coffee we are serving tips to help you navigate the Five Flavours program!

During today's meeting we will talk about the cinema that combines strong social diagnoses with an equally strong cinematic form. Even though films about boys from slums, small Indian villages, or the lowest social classes of Indonesia usually involve documentary-style aesthetics and a somber message, the makers of these movies decided to use a powerful editing, cinematographic, and sound-direction punch instead.

Find out why "Rom," Jallikattu," and Gundala" should be on your festival must-see list!

Red Carpet

At 7 p.m., we invite you for a meeting with Jonathan Hagard – director of the VR film "Replacements," a unique animation showing the transformation of Jakarta over the past four decades, with very precise sound direction and an intriguing message. 

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