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13 November 2019
Fagara, dir. Heiward Mak

his year we invite you to the double opening of the festival. The opening gala will take place at the Muranów Cinema at 8.30 pm, combined with the European premiere of the film "Fagara" from Hong Kong. At the same time, the world premiere of the Japanese film "Flowers of Evil" will begin in Kinoteka. Both events will be accompanied by the presence of the directors.

The 13th edition of Five Flavours has almost 40 exceptional films from South and South-East Asia.

The 13th edition of Five Flavours has almost 40 exceptional films from South and South-East Asia. Titles from South Korea, Bhutan, India, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand and Hong Kong will compete for the award in the New Asian Cinema competition. The audience will be able to take an extraordinary journey through bustling Hong Kong together with the protagonist of this year's retrospective - Fruit Chan. Japan Section: Out of Focus offers a unique perspective on peripheral Japan. Those who are taking their first steps in the Asian cinema world can start with the reliable Asian Cinerama section, and the festival's regulars will undoubtedly appreciate the films of the Five Flavour's Masters. 

Opening Films

Hua jiao zhi wei
dir. Heiward Mak
Muranów Cinema, 8.30 pm
European Premiere

Fagara is Sichuan pepper, one of the most important spices used in Chinese cuisine. When three stepsisters first meet at their father's funeral, their different characters and origins create the perfect recipe for an intimate family comedy-drama.

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Flowers of Evil

Aku no hana
dir. Noboru Iguchi
Kinoteka, 8:30 p.m. 
World premiere

Fascinated by his friend Takao, he steals her gym suit from the locker room. However, he is caught by Sawa, who will not hesitate to use her compromising knowledge for evil purposes... The cruelty of youth and love intrigues with Baudelaire in the background.

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