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The Medium

Rang Zong
dir. Banjong Pisanthanakun
Thailand, South Korea 2021, 131’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Polish premiere
Theatrical Screenings
Fr 19 Nov, 20:45
Kinoteka 2
Kinoteka 2
Awards and festivals
World premiere: Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Bucheon International Fantastic FF 2021 - Best Feature Film
Thailand, South Korea 2021
Duration: 131’
director: Banjong Pisanthanakun
screenplay: Na Hong-jin, Banjong Pisanthanakun, Siwawut Sewatanon na podstawie historii Cha-won Choi, Chantavit Dhanasevi
cinematography: Naruphol Chokanapitak
editing: Thammarat Sumethsupachok
music: Chatchai Pongprapaphan
cast: Narilya Gulmongkolpech, Sawanee Utoomma, Sirani Yankittikan, Yasaka Chaisorn, Boonsong Nakphoo, Arunee Wattana
producer: Na Hong-jin, Banjong Pisanthanakun
production: GDH 559, Showbox Entertainment, Northern Cross
language: Thai
colouration: colour

Film description

A documentary film crew arrives at Isan in Northwest Thailand to make a film about shamans chosen by the local goddess to serve their community. For years, the gift – or the burden – of the shaman calling is kept in one family. Is a teenager who is acting somehow strangely simply under the influence of raging hormones or is she being called by the voice of Ba Yan? Or maybe there is someone else hoping to control the susceptible young soul?

This hypnotic film, which oftentimes leads the viewers astray, came to life as a result of a cooperation between two masters of dazzling horrors from Thailand and South Korea. The director is Banjong Pisanthanakun, whose "Shutter" took international markets by storm in the mid-2000s and was already remade several times. The producer and co-writer, Na Hong-jin, is the author of the visionary film "Wailing." The two masters create a dark, subversive story, cleverly intertwining the mystique of the local culture with a contemporary message. The rustle of leaves in the foggy forests of the Thai province, family secrets coming to light and immediately hidden back under the guise of appearances, spectacular false rituals, and the truest, cruelest horror quietly creeping up upon you – this screening will not be easily forgotten.

Banjong Pisanthanakun

Director and screenwriter. His first projects, horrors "Shutter" (2004) and "Alone" (2007) written and directed together with Parkpoom Wongpoom, turned out to be incredibly successful. Since then, he was making films of various genres, from comedies to melodramas.

Selected filmography:

2004 Widmo / Shutter
2007 Alone
2008 See prang / Phobia
2010 Kuan meun ho / Hello Stranger
2013 Pee Mak Phrakanong / Pee Mak
2016 Fanday... Fan Kun Khae Wan Diaw / One Day
2021 Medium / Rang Zong / The Medium

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