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Cliff Walkers

Xuan ya zhi shang
dir. Zhang Yimou
China 2021, 120’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Polish premiere
Theatrical Screenings
Su 21 Nov, 15:15
Kinoteka 1
Kinoteka 1
Mo 22 Nov, 20:45
Awards and festivals
World premiere: Udine Far East Film Festival Asian Film Awards 2021 - Best Editor; Nominee for Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematographer, Best Composer, Best Costume Designer Huading Award 2021 - Best Writing for a Motion Picture
China 2021
Duration: 120’
director: Zhang Yimou
screenplay: Quan Yongxian, Zhang Yimou
cinematography: Zhao Xiaoding
editing: Li Yongyi
music: Cho Young Wuk
cast: Zhang Yi, Yu Hewei, Qin Hailu, Liu Haocun, Zhu Yawen, Li Naiwen, Ni Dahong
producer: Pang Liwei, Luca Liang
production: Emperor Film Production Company Limited, China Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Film (Group) Co.,Ltd., Huaxia Film Distribution Co.,Ltd.
language: Mandarin
colouration: colour

Film description

Early 1930s. Four Chinese agents, perfectly trained in the Soviet Union, are parachuted to Manchukuo, a puppet state created by Japan. Their extremely dangerous mission is to prove that the occupying forces are conducting cruel experiments on people. It quickly turns out that the agents were betrayed and their lives and mission are in danger. Can they survive in the stunningly snowy Harbin, to let the world know about the sufferings of their nation?

Zhang Yimou is a versatile master of cinema who loves new challenges. His first thriller, filled with betrayals, traps and shootings, is worthy of Alfred Hitchcock himself. A noose of treason closing in on the protagonists, the loneliness that surrounds them in a foreign land, the inability to tell a friend from a foe, shootouts and spectacular car chases – "Cliff Walkers" is the most stylish and the most effective thriller of the year.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Zhang Yimou

Fifth Generation Chinese director, one of the most awarded filmmakers from the country. His career began in 1987. His first films, focusing on the people from the Chinese province, quickly brought him international fame. Later on, he focused on high-budget productions, often surprising with the sheer panache of his vision. "Hero," "House of the Flying Daggers," or "The Great Wall" are watched all around the world. Recently, the director was famous for his problems with the Chinese censorship – his film "One Second" was pulled out of the Berlinale. But Zhang still remains an extremely busy filmmaker.

Selected filmography:

1987 Czerwone sorgo / Hong Gao Liang / Red Sorghum

1991 Zawieście czerwone latarnie / Da hong deng long gao gao gua / Raise the Red Lantern

2002 Hero / Ying Xiong

2004 Dom latających sztyletów / Shi Mian Mai Fu / House of Flying Daggers

2011 Kwiaty wojny / Jin Ling Shi San Chai / The Flowers of War

2016 Wielki Mur / The Great Wall

2018 Cień / Ying / Shadow

2020 Jedna sekunda / Yi Miao Zhong / One Second

2021 Wędrowcy na krawędzi / Xuan ya zhi shang / Cliff Walkers

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