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Q&A with Yujiro Harumoto, director of "A Balance"

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About the event

Q&A with Yujiro Harumoto, director of "A Balance" is conducted by Marcin Krasnowolski.

Yujiro Harumoto

Born in 1978 in Kobe, Japan. He graduated from a film school at the Nihon University College of Art and started working in the one of the oldest Japanese studios, Shochiku, where he assisted directors such as Akira Inuoe or Shigeru Ishihara, working on many period films the studio is famous for. To make his directorial debut, he switched to the independent production system. "Going the Distance" receives a lot of awards and grabbed the audience's attention ant numerous film festivals worldwide.


2016 Na całe życie / Kazoku e / Going the Distance
2021 Równowaga / Yuko no tenbin / A Balance

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