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Asian Horror Night

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Asian Horror Night

Asian Horror Night is an annual celebration of the darkest tales created in the region, which have mastered the art of scaring to perfection. The combination of terrifying local legends and brilliant use of cinematic tools to build tension, is the hallmark of Asian horror - as is the smooth weaving of traditional tales into the realities of the modern world, in which ancient nightmares acquire a whole new dimension. The programme of the night includes avant-garde animation, a long-awaited sequel to one of the greatest hits of contemporary Korean cinema and a new work of Indonesian master of genre films. 

This year, the Five Flavours invites you to a chilling set of films twice: on Friday 30 October and Saturday 31 October, so that even under the sanitary regime, with only half the seats in cinema available, all lovers of horrific images can experience full-bodied terror of the big screen. 

All viewers will receive a sinister treat, provided by Niigata Onigiri and ChaiKola.

Programme of the night:

20:00 Peninsula, dir. Yeon Sang-ho, South Korea 2020

22:00 The refreshments courtesy of 

22:30 Impetigore, dir. Joko Anwar, Indonesia 2019

00:30 Beauty Water, dir. Cho Kyung-hun, South Korea 2020

Friday 30th of October & Saturday 31st of October
Cinema Muranów, 5 Gen. Andersa Street
Tickets: 66.6 PLN

Tickets available online and at the box office of Cinema Muranów.

There are only 120 seats available. Participants of the event are asked to follow cinema's sanitary guidelines. 

Films will be shown in the original languages, with Polish and English subtitles. 


original title: Bando

dir. Yeon Sang-ho

South Korea 2020, 116'

festivals: Sitges, Reykjavík IFF

Korea has been completely overtaken by zombies and isolated from the rest of the world. However, on its territory there are still things left that many people desire - for example, bags with twenty million dollars hidden in an abandoned truck. Jung-seok is given the task of recovering a valuable load. It turns out, that in the strict quarantine area, in addition to the undead, there is someone else living...

"Peninsula" is a continuation of one of the greatest Korean hits of recent years, "Train to Busan", eagerly awaited by viewers all over the world. It is a powerful dose of post-apocalyptic cinema, which in times of a global pandemic and lockdowns, sends an even stronger message. The dark and dynamic narrative is breath-catching and winks at "Mad Max" or "Escape from New York". An impressive, pulsating journey through a enhanced zombie-nightmare is a strong emotional experience and an extraordinary display of film craftsmanship.


original title: Perempuan Tanah Jahanam

dir. Joko Anwar

Indonesia 2019, 106'

festivals: Sundance FF, IFF Rotterdam, Göteborg FF, Far East Film Festival, Bucheon International Fantastic FF

Maya works in a toll booth on a motorway and in this claustrophobic place she experiences a nightmare - she is attacked by an unstable individual with a machete. Before this unknow man is stopped, he will mysteriously mention the girl's place of origin. Maya decides to visit her home village, with the hope of inheritance and she takes Dini, her best friend, with her. The trip to the gloomy house, hidden in the dense Javanese jungle, already raises several disturbing questions: where are the local children? Why are there so many graves in the cemetery? And why are residents so unhelpful?

The girl will have the chance to learn the dark truth about her family and the land from which she comes from. If... she survives. Joko Anwar, well known to the audience of the Five Flavours, doesn't aim at creating groundbreaking work, but focuses on the precise execution of all the obligatory traits of the genre. And he is doing an excellent job. "Impetigore", combining elements of slasher, folk horror and occult is a solid, climatic and, most importantly, very scary film.

Beauty Water

original title: Gigigoegoe Seonghyeongsu

dir. Cho Kyung-hun

South Korea 2020, 85'

festivals: Bucheon International Fantastic FF; Fantasia International FF, New York Asian FF; Sitges

Yeji is a make-up artist working for a capricious celebrity who likes to unload her frustrations onto her subordinates, indiscriminately pointing out their beauty flaws. Tormented by successive failures of her life, Yeji starts to blame her own appearance and becomes increasingly depressed. Unexpectedly, an anonymous package with a mysterious cosmetic that promises a magical makeover appears on her doorstep. The effects are truly spectacular, but what price will have to be paid for the stunning beauty?

The adaptation of the popular online comic is an example of an independent auteur Korean animation, which is flourishing in recent years. Definitely intended for the adult viewer, the plot is a combination of a dark surrealistic fairy tale and a bloody body-horror, and at the same time a devastating satire on the unrealistic beauty standards in today's Korea and an Internet and media culture based on images polished to the limit.

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