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Archive - 6th Five Flavours Film Festival

The Calling

Malaysia 2011, 84’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Woo Ming Jin
screenplay: Woo Ming Jin, Pierre Andre
cinematography: Wan Chung-hung
editing: Akashdeep Singh
music: Azman Abu Hassan
cast: Ahmad Shaarnaz, Khatijah, Nisha Dirr, Cut Mutia, Awal Ashaari, Pierre Andre, Nora Danish, Dewa Sapri
language: malaya
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

MFFF w Puch'ŏn 2011 - Puchon Choice

Film description

Woo Ming Jin

Selected filmography:

2011 Seru / Resurrection
2010 Kobieta w ogniu szuka wody / Muleul Chatneun Bulwiui Yeoja / Woman on Fire Looks for Water
2010 Fabryka tygrysów / The Tiger Factory
2007 Słoń i morze / The Elephant and the Sea
2005 Lampu merah mati / Monday Morning Glory

Pierre Andre

Selected filmography:

2011 Seru / Resurrection
2011 Ali-hijab
2009 Be Silent / Jangan tegur
2008 I’m Not Single / Aku Bukan Bujang
2007 9 September

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