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Lee Jeong-hong's "A Wild Roomer" wins the 17th Five Flavours

21 November 2023

The International People's Jury has decided. Lee Jeong-hong's "A Wild Roomer" wins the 17th edition of the Festival. The Honorable Mention goes to "Amiko" by Yusuke Morii. Congratulations!

The in-cinemas part of the Festival has come to an end. The International People's Jury chose the best films of the New Asian Cinema section. But the 17th Five Flavours is not over – viewers all across Poland can watch 28 films from the program online for the next 12 days, until December 3!

Winners of the 17th Five Flavours

The members of the International People's Jury of the 17th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival were: Pelin Çılgın, Kanako Fujita, Kiki Huang, Magdalena Nieświec, Olivia Popp, Iga Ratajczak, Eliana Resnick, Jakub Wanat.

The Jury decided to award the 17th Five Flavours Grand Prix to the South Korean "A Wild Roomer" directed by Lee Jeong-hong. This is how the Jury justified their choice:

We decided to reward a movie that mirrors reality so closely it made us uncomfortable. With an off-kilter vibe, we follow a character that’s unremarkable, imperfect, yet relatable on many levels.

In this film, contemporary disillusionment and material necessity are remedied in a series of accidents and incidents that wind up unifying the characters in a way that shows how modern family dynamics can evolve. But, the film clearly poses a valid question – is there really a satisfying release?

The winner of the Grand Prix award is… A Wild Roomer by Lee Jeong-Hong.


The Honorable Mention was awarded to the Japanese "Amiko" by Yusuke Morii.

With this special mention, we hope to highlight an emerging Asian filmmaker with a distinctive voice and style, whose protagonist charmed most of the jury but frustrated some, creating a productive discussion.

As one of the most mature debuts in the competition, the film’s attention to detail and inventive use of music and sound impressed the jury.  Its effective mix of genres contributed to a nuanced exploration of issues within a conformist culture, as portrayed through the eyes of a misunderstood child.

We are pleased to present the Special Mention of People’s Jury 2023 to Yusuke Morii for Amiko.

Watch the film online

Congratulations to the winners! We also thank the audiences for an amazing turnout at the cinemas.

The online edition of Five Flavours continues till December 3

The 17th Five Flavours is not over! You can still watch 28 films from the program on the Festival VOD platform piecsmakow.pl till December 3. The online passes will be available until the last day of the event.

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