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Thank you for being with us during the 16th Five Flavours!

06 December 2022

The 16th edition of the Festival came to an end. While it lasted, you have been watching films in cinemas and at home, and engaged in inspiring conversations in our discussion group. We want to thank you for the impressive turnout, your enthusiasm and positive emotions! We also encourage you to fill in the Festival Survey.

For the second year in a row, Five Flavours was held in a hybrid form, which allowed us to retain its cinema-based character and, at the same time, reach Asian cinema enthusiasts all over Poland. The Festival lasted for the record 19 days, which allowed the viewers to enjoy the films at their own pace. The program included 39 films, 30 of them were available online.

The statistics are impressive. The Festival films were watched almost 30.000 times – over 9.000 viewers visited the cinemas, and the films were played online exactly 20.685 times. This is just the raw data, single screenings of the films. But, without doubt, many were watched by whole families or groups of friends, and therefore the actual number of viewers was higher.

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Every year after the end of the Festival, we kindly ask you to share your experiences and thoughts about it in the Festival Survey. It helps us assess this year's edition, understand the needs of our audiences, and prepare for future events. You can fill in the Survey till December 14. All participants will have a chance to win posters for Wong Kar Wai's films and vouchers for the online screenings of his masterpieces!

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Winners of the Festival

The Festival films were presented in five thematic sections, including the competition section New Asian Cinema. From its program, the International People's Jury chose the best films of the Festival. The Grand Prix of the 16th Five Flavours was awarded to Arnold is a Model Student by Sorayos Prapapan from Thailand. The Special Mention went to the Japanese film The Light of Spring by Fumito Fujikawa. Congratulations to the winners!

Additional content

As always, Five Flavours program goes beyond the film screenings and includes a rich variety of additional content, prepared together with our partners and patrons, that sheds light on the contexts of the presented films. On the Festival website, you can find many articles and podcasts, as well as eleven video interviews with the authors of the films presented this year.

texts and podcasts

interviews with filmmakers

A big thank you to our Partners and Sponsors

Organizing the 16th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival would not have been possible without the financial support of Warsaw City Council; Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Berlin; the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan; the Taipei Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Taipei Representative Office in Poland.

We also want to thank our Partners and Media Patrons who supported us in organizing the event and made sure it was visible in the city and the media.

Our Partners: Kinoteka, Kino Muranów, Pracownia Szumu, Asian Movie Pulse.

Our Media Patrons: Przekrój, Pismo, K MAG, Wyborcza.pl, Filmweb, Filmawka, Poptown, Onet.pl.

Wong Kar Wai's masterpieces are back online

This is not the end of this year's attractions. From December 22, five films directed by the master of urban melancholy and loneliness, Wong Kar Wai, will be available on the Five Flavours At Home VOD platform. The titles included in the program are the biggest artistic triumphs of this unique filmmaker – Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, Happy Together, In the Mood for Love, and 2046.

The vouchers providing access to these beautiful, timeless masterpieces of Hong Kong cinema are already available. They are the perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions.

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