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Lunar New Year Film Celebration: Welcoming the Year of the Ox

05 February 2021
Bride for Rip Van Winkle, dir. Shunji Iwai, Japan

Once again, Five Flavours invites everyone for a celebration of the Lunar New Year, one of the most important Asian holidays, during which families com together – and often go to the cinema!

February 12 marks the end of the year of the Metal Rat, which gives way to the Metal Ox. This is the time of visiting families and loved ones – and, in Chinese-speaking countries, also an opportunity to go to the movies together. To celebrate this holiday, we prepared an amazing film program, which will be available on the Five Flavours website from Thursday, February 11, till Sunday, February 14.

New Year’s Customs and Symbols

Talking about the cultural role of the Chinese calendar, which sets the rhythm of life in many Asian countries, and the unique New Year’s traditions is prof. Marcin Jacoby of SWPS University.

Vietnamese culinary traditions accompanying the New Year’s celebrations are discussed by Linh Nguyen, a renown Warsaw restauranteur, Asian foods expert and master of Vietnamese cuisine.

Film program

Since this New Year is celebrated right before Valentine’s Day, the common theme of the five films in the event program is love – in some cases, it is deadly serious, in others, it becomes a subversive pretext to create incredible plots. The films will take us to the worlds of crazy love, of love born out of friendly encounters, of unrequited love. Of a fascination born where it is least expected, and the feelings that turn lives upside down.

Radio Asia Playlist: Mood for Love

If you need help creating a New Year/Valentine’s Day atmosphere at home, the super romantic music playlist prepared by Radio Asia is here to help. It includes over 70 pieces from Japan, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. From 1960s songs by the king of Khmer music, Sinn Sisamouth, through Japanese and Korean hits of the 1980s, to contemporary pieces preformed by our favorite Radio Asia artists: Rasmee, Hyunjin Bek, and Jeong Cha-sik. The playlist also includes songs from the films presented at the Lunar New Year – "Song Lang" and "Love Exposure."

The Playlist on Spotify

Snacks for the Screenings

We encourage you to complete your home screenings with the unique Asian Snack Set. Putting you in the New Year mood will be mochi cakes – little balls made of sticky rice and rice flour, eaten in Japan on all the important holidays. Mochi symbolize happiness, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. Dried fruit, on the other hand, are the most popular New Year snack in Vietnam – they guarantee health and a sweet life. The set is served in a red-and-gold New Year/Valentine’s Day package.

New Year Asian Snack Set

Lunar New Year: Asian Valentine’s Day takes place online on February 11-14, 2021.

Films in the program:

All films are presented with Polish and English subtitles. You can buy a pass for the whole event (also in a form of a gift voucher) or Accesses for single screenings.

Full program

Passes and Single Accesses

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